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MY BF sux


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Clearly I don't know about your relationship - except what you have posted in other threads.

And I don't know your background - you never post about that!

But from what you HAVE posted I know that your 'relationship' is destructive to you. (Your ttle indicates you KNOW this!)

I don't know what you and therapist talk about. Hopefully this - IF you are still seeing a therapist.

I sometimes feel like you are WORKING at staying in a bad relationship just to feed your bad self image. (Sorry for psychobabble!)

(Sort of speaking from experience, I guess. Similar, but not the same.)

Anyway, I hope you are examining your motivations and considering taking care of yourself.

Who's to say what "love" is? But I don't think that's what you have. More like "need". Not good.

Take care

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