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nite suggestions?

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Hi i'd be interested in hearing from anyone things they do to avoid ED behaviours / thoughts

I finish work and get home around 4:30 pm - my partner works 5-6 nites a week and leaves at 5 comes home around 10:30pm

I find i can have perfect eating behaviors during the day, practice all i learnt in hospital about how much to eat, how often and when to stay healthy.

But when i get home i lose it when i sit around by myself - my normal pattern for 4 -5 hours my partner is away at work is

- walk dog -watch mindless tv - play on internet and chat to my 'pretend' friends on myspace/facebook/msn

and depending on where i am at in my ED either binge eating and purging or restricting and not eating anything at all

Being alone means i can get away with either (piggy out/ throw up or starve myself) and only get caught out when the weight change really shows.

Im trying to come up with a way to revamp this 5 hour time slot where i lose control, i feel if i can do this i will gain better control.

I have started a list of things i could, im rather depressed at the moment and not in the mood for really doing full on social activities but need to be around people to some extent. As i have written else where and wont go into detail again, i have no real life friends to be around, so this isnt an option.

List so far

- walk dog (like this its peaceful)

- go gym

- go back to my old dance class (social but not intimidating as i know the people there already)

- clean my house (woohoo - but when i am depressed i never do this and always feel better after i have)

- dont turn on TV, record my fav shows and watch them on the weekend during the day when i know i can handle it

Thats about it so far - can anyone else share things that they do in the times when they are most likely to give in to temptations - either eating or not eating.

thx again

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Depending on where you live, could you go to a book store where they would have book readings and things? You can stay totally anonymous yet still be around people and you can look at the different books etc., or anything like that?

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How about going out for a meal or two to kill off some time? That way you get the social interaction along with something in your system to maintain a healthy weight & all around nutrition.

Doing so may help ease your depression & will certainly help you in being able to form better social relationships.

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Hello my love,

I i understand what you saying and think ts a great piont to make. Having to much time on your hands, can let your mind wonder and obsess about any problem. I know when i go home to the farm I have my biggest problems mainly from lack of things to do!

I think you got to find something that makes you think of other things, and not allow your mind to wonder too much.

Don't you have a hobbie, I like my photography and scrapbooking. I think the nest is to do an activity that isn't mindless? Does that make sense. Walking the dog is great but still that something that also stimulates your mind is better. Something that takes your mind and thoughts away from your ED and onto something is. Getting a little balance back. although I think getting out the house with some fresh air is good.

That might help you kill sometime and also work on your ED in the long run. Social I think is good too, can't you see friends or is there anyone else around?

We need to find you a new passion. A hobby????

What do you like? What are you interrested in, good place to start.

Anyway, hope you well otherwise,

Take care

Love Ash

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