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My ex is on zyprexa 10mgs. As far as i can tell he's hating it and don't think he'll keep taking it at this rate.

He's also quite into gyming aand worried about his weight and says he feels puffy and horrid.

He's now sleeping excessively, he got up at 4 in the afternoon today. (he takes it at night) He's not working or anything as he just dropped out of university so thats not too huge a delima, but you can't do that for the rest of your life?

He seems a whole lot better, but then again he's just stopped studying and he couldn't take the pressure. Now all thats gone, i do think its a factor to take into account.

He's kinda nervous to ask his pdoc about alternatives. And said that he won't give him anything else, apparently the fact that i said there might be alternatives was outragious in the pdoc's eyes???

Is it wrong of me to think that this might not be the right match? He's never tried anything else either?

The exs knows nothing about anything really and won't ask, so he's got me to try help.

Oh, and whats the standard dose for zyprexa? Is ten high low....?

Any comments would be really appreciated.

Thank you

love Ash

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Typical starting dosage is 10mg, maintenance dosage of 5 -20mg. Maximum recommended dosage of 20mg. Per the PI sheet.

Looks like you are in a difficult spot. IMO probably not the best idea for you to be suggesting meds to your ex. Let him work it out with his pdoc.

You don't say how long he's been on zyprexa..., or any psych meds....

Certainly having just dropped his courses it would be natural for him to be pretty bummed out or even a bit depressed. Plus the loss of rythm in having no schedule to keep to is disruptive. Unless he has packed on 20+ lbs in a short time with no leveling off i"m not a sympathetic ear (but honest) about discontinuing the med. Most of our psych meds tend to help us put on weight. All in all, it doesn't add up to necessitating a change, but again that's without knowing what his dx is and how long he's been on meds.

I hope he won't just drop his meds entirely. I"m sure you are a big support for him.


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