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Effexor -Question!

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My finance is currently taking 75mg of Effexor once a day.

As a child my finance was diagnosed with; Aspergers and ADHD. He got kicked out of high school for fighting, so then they said something about an anger disorder. This is about 5 years back.

Then 3 years ago, he was a dumb teenager and did LSD with his friends, he had a bad trip. [No he is not a drug addict, we are sober and he's a law student.]

He'd get panic attacks and flashbacks, the doctor said it was because of the LSD trip. So he was put on 75mg of Effexor once a day and Xanax, the bottle was filled early 07 and he still has about 15 pills in there. His doctor had him choose between Effexor and xanax, [the doctor said the Effexor will prevent panic attacks and help with depression, Xanax will only help you during a panic attack] he choose Effexor but had a bad panic attack and asked for xanax.

Now he's also got the diagnosis of Mood Disorder NOS

Well he lost his medication[we went on vacation] so he was off Effexor for 3 days, while trying to get a new prescription. He started to feel tried, 'drunk', felt sick like he had to puke, very dizzy and was acting strange. He also has problems with having an orgasm on this medicine.

Does anybody know of another anti-depressant that doesn't have suck horrible side effects? And that doesn't cause sexual side effects?

We were also thinking of maybe just trying a mood stabilizer on him?

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effexor is really bad in terms of what happens when you miss a day, it can also be a pain to get off of. (ok not can, it IS a pain to get off of.)

almost all the other anti depressants are more... user friendly (so-to-speak). though paxil can be difficult to wean off of as well.

there are a LOT of other options out there for your boyfriend.

if his panic attacks are really from the LSD trip then a short bout on an antipsychiotic might help that (one helped me... not a permanent rx, i was on it for a few months). (i only say "really" because i am skeptical that a single trip could cause this... but i'm not a doctor, of course.)

if you're looking to target the anxiety any of the SSRIs will help, but people tend to go for paxil or lexapro, etc. over prozac which can be activating. (however if he has some bipolar in there (mood disorder NOS can mean a lot of things) an SSRI could make it worse... but you probably would have noticed an increase in mood swings on the effexor if this was the case.)

mood stabilizer is a broad term, but one could help with the anxiety, the post LSD issues and the anger. there are many out there though and hopefully people will come along with experiences closer to your boyfriend's with ideas.

oh... just saw the sexual side effects part...er... the only one that won't for sure mess with sex drive is wellbutrin, which can make anxiety worse. (it doesn't mine, but it does make it worse for a lot of people. it's also one of the few antidepressants that's pretty safe for bipolars to take.)

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