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need help to quote part of another post

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I've been playing around with this-

I think I have figured put how to quote a whole post ,

but not say - one sentence.

also- how could i quote from more than one post?

if I go back to add more- won't my post dissapear?

( yikes- i think i might need private tutoring!)

can anyone explain- in very very simple terms?

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Ok, this is how I do it, although, there may be an easier way (I also do it this way so as to keep a "linear" (to me) train of thought...but I really think in circles...lol). Ok, here goes:

To quote just one line:

Hit the "" Reply button

This will bring up the person's entire post

Go into the post and delete anything you don't want, leaving the html tags (things that are within these brackets [ ] )

for example - at the beginning, you'll notice a time stamp and the users name

at the end you'll see

Ok, multiple quotes:

There are two ways - you can open multiple windows. This is easy if you are using a browser like firefox (which, as far as I'm concerned, everyone should use).

Then do individual quote replies in each window for each quote

Open a final window and cut and paste them all together


You can do the one quote

Cut and hit the back button on your browser

Go into the next quote

Paste the two together

Continue until all quotes are done

Both methods can be complicated.

You can also do this:

Click on fast reply

Click the little word bubble (if you hover over it, it will say quote)

It will automatically put the html tags in for you

Cut and paste the info you want between the two tags

Create as many quotes as you'd like

With this method, you'll have to cite your sources

Let me know if this doesn't make sense and I'll try to explain it better...I'm sure someone else has a better way of doing it (I mean, you could use the html tags yourself, but that's a bit more tricky).

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thanks dg-

i'll give it a try. thank you for putting up with my stupidness in this area.

a little context: we had dial up till about a month ago. I went on facebook for the first time the other day!- very big rock that i have been living under!!

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