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I have been told by my immediate family that I have a 'card sharp face' at times and that at young age (approx early teens) they had problems assessing what emotion I was experiencing because my face was completely blank. They tell me that nowadays I show more on my face. However I still get accused of not being 'honest' about my emotions, people have being annoyed at me as I do not respond to them emotionally and people have also said that I lack enthusiasm. I am worried that I am regaining my poker face. How can I explain to people about what is going on? Also what negative reactions have people experienced as a result of flat affect?

DX: GAD, depression

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ehm... YES. i trow around with some info and ideas.

affect flattening can be a symptom of depression.

Your face not being connected to the emotional part of your brain ( or your brain at all for that matter) could as well NOT mean that you have flatt affect, which is actually one of the most feared symptoms of schizophrenia. people with aspergers dont have much facial expression either. but they may have emotions or maybe also too much of it.

btw i have it too. i sit there and feel totally like crap and noone believes me. you can compensate by talking funny stuff or try to express yourself more by talking about your emptions eg. saing "that hurts" when someone says something mean to you. you have to get rid of your emotions someway. you can also laugh extra loud, scream at people etc so they get it. or you can try to learn how different facial expressions look like and look how you feel and try to use the same muscles. that means become an actor to express your own feelings. i didnt manage that. but some people do.

if you actually dont feel anything when lets say someone insults you or something then you may as well have flat affect as well.... but i'd give it a secong thought.


polar bear

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