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How many (wrong) diagnoses have you got?

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well i have this problem. i get diagnoses all the time, then i go to the next doc, he sais the last one was an idiot and gives me a new one. and notice that there were some good ass dr. dr. prof. prof. among them too. they where not bad docs per se. so this basicly means i'm kind of FUCKED. no diagnosis, no cure. (well there is no real cure for brain cooties or being generally an arsehole but without a diagnosis things look even worse.)

so here are my diagnoses in chronological order. remember that every one was replaced by the next. no one gave me multiple diagnosis.

- Depression and GAD (ok. sort of multiple)

- Asperger's


-Schizophrenia ;):) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Schizoid- narcissistic PD

-again depression

current diagnosis: generalized fucked-up-ness NOS. my current doc refuses to make a diagnosis, he keeps telling me that he will let me know when he knows. and again, he is a very good one. best one in town outside a hospital (i also have been inside. that didnt help diagnosis-wise (nor otherwise))

I think all of the diagnoses above where wrong. (and hey. look. the doctors and the profs and such think that too! i might totally be right.

ok i totally didnt meant to rant but what the hell. dont want to delete...

disregard the above and pay attention to the below:

how many wrong diagnoses did you get until you got the right one? (if at all) and what were they?

how long does shit like this takes... oh my gawd

not so cheers,

polar bear

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I'm not sure that they were wrong, but I had sequential diagnosis.

The first time I went to a pdoc was for anxiety and he diagnosed me with: social anxiety (2000)-paxil

I didn't have any psychotic symptoms at the time. Looking back I think I've had paranoid thoughts for a long time, but they weren't noticeable.

Then I had a psychotic break. No one wanted to rush to a diagnosis. Is there a diagnosis of: psychosis of unknown etiology? It was something like that. (2003)-risperdal, zoloft

Then I started complaining of racing thoughts and it was changed to: bipolar (2003)-added depakote

Then I started complaining of delusions when I wasn't having a mood swing and it was changed to: schizoaffective (2006)-upped abilify

When I complained to my present pdoc of my anxiety symptoms he called it: panic disorder (2005?)-added lexapro

Present: schizoaffective bipolar type, panic disorder-lamictal, lexapro, abilify, seroquel

I've gone through a number of med changes. when they changed dx they did make med changes I noted.

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I guess I've been lucky because it's alway been bi-polar. Only the flavor has changed. From classic to rapid to ultra rapid back to rapid to just bi-polar. Of course it might help if I stayed in one place and had a consistent medical record, but I was born under a wandering star.

Anyway *I've* always had bi-polar, but my twin has run the gauntlet of depression, bi-polar, that personality disorder (can't remember the name), ADD, ADHD, depression, bi-polar, thyroid problems (still has those), to NOS. She's had some good docs and some really crappy docs. She's rarely med compliant, and a lot of her problems she brings on herself because she's afraid to tell her doctor what she's thinking for fear of being tagged as "strange" or "bad". Like they haven't heard it all before. Of course that could be the case, because she really has had some crappy doctors. They are out there...

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The worst one I heard was [link=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurasthenia" target="_blank]neurasthenia[/link]

It's a condition where your psychiatrist is 100 years out of date.


I hardly remember the various ones I've had - if the doctors even bothered to tell me which label they put on me (I found out about the borderline personality disorder one by accidentally overhearing a conversation between two psych ward staff). I think my favourite was 'anxiety disorder NOS', who the fuck doesn't qualify for that one...

Though at least I didn't to my knowledge, unlike a friend of mine, get slapped with 'mental illness NOS'.

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The right diagnosis can often take some time, and it sounds like you are constantly switching doctors which wouldn't help. Anyway. I've been going to pdocs on and off since... about 2001, or was it the year before. No matter.

Initial dx: psychotic depression / major depression + Asperger's/HFA

next dx: (in wake of manic episode) Schizoaffective +/- Asperger's/HFA, wore that one for a while and kept getting doctors going "thats funny, you're presenting more as bipolar...", which they did for the next 3 years without changing the dx.

most recent: Bipolar + Asperger's, specified recently as BP I.

oh yeah and social anxiety, GAD, substance abuse issues, being an annoying patient and refusing to suffer from the condition which I was dx as, etc. Depending on their mood at the time.

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At this point we're just treating symptoms and not worrying about it. As far as I'm concerned, any diagnosis based on DSM criteria is just a best guess estimate anyway. Until it's possible to use nuroimaging to make a dx (and insurance companies will pay for it), there's no such thing as an accurate diagnosis.

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At this point we're just treating symptoms and not worrying about it. As far as I'm concerned, any diagnosis based on DSM criteria is just a best guess estimate anyway. Until it's possible to use nuroimaging to make a dx (and insurance companies will pay for it), there's no such thing as an accurate diagnosis.

Well thats a good point VE, and they are starting work on some diagnostic methods that give a more accurate result than the best guess of a pdoc, and for some disorders like depression these tests are not too far away from being a reality. But for the moment we're reliant on the ability or lack thereof of a doctor to get things right enough that the meds they prescribe won't actually make things worse a la prescribing ADs with no mood stabiliser for someone thats actually bipolar not major depressive. Short of the scattergun approach of giving everyone APs (well they work for most things in one way or another) we're still stuck with these flawed methods for the moment, until technology progresses.

I tend to think my current dx is an accurate one. At least if a test comes along and tells me I'm not BP I'd be very suprised.

For some folks though, their symptoms are less clear cut, and are probably a mix of several different disorders, given the proclivity for mental disorders to cluster. I think thats probably the reason some folks never really get a clear dx however long they are in treatment for. It will be a great day when these tests exist and we can put such uncertainty behind us.

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My path was pretty simple.

DX'd: alcoholic at age 17 (accurate IMO, but not accepted until I was 22)

depressed at age 22 (not the whole picture IMO)

bipolar I at age 31 (accurate IMO)


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As far as I am concerned, they hit the nail on the head first time out!!

New pdoc says he doesn't care (in a way) what the dx is, he will treat the symptoms as they arise, but lets start with a mood stabilizing aap first, then work our way from there. I can live with that for now.

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You sound like you got what i got. My councler told me its called multiplex developmental disorder. Its a mix of various symptoms of various disorders. mostly autism and schizophrenia. things ive been diagnosed with. aspergers, pdd-nos, schizoaffective disorder(bipoler), schizotypal personality disorder, bipolerII, major depression with mood incongruent psychotic features, personality disorder NOS, dsythmic depression, learning disorder NOS with reading and writing disorder features, adhd-innattentive type, borderline personality disorder, inadequate personality disorder, ocd, gad, sencory intergration dysfunction, and sleep disorder. Ive been diagnosed with up to 6 things at once a couple times.

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Psychiatrically, my dx sheet says BPI, last state mixed (as BP2 doesn't have a 'mixed' option under ICD-9, as God forbid that one be 'hypo-mixed'). Insurance throws less of a fit this way, anyways. The HFA and AD/HD crap were just terms tossed around, and I'm medicated for the AD/HD and am quite happy with my Concerta, really.

Ah yes, and they also diagnosed me with somatoform disorder OOPS guess it was a neurological infection.

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OMG: Too many.

1. 1977 - Severe Depression (this actually turned out to be correct, but I didn't believe it at first.)

2. 1978 - Severe Depression

3. 1979 - pro-domal Schizophrenia (wrong)

4. 1980 - Severe Depression w/ Psychotic features (wrong)

5. 1981- Depression plus Bipolar (possible)

6. 1982 - Severe Depression plus Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD? WTF?)

7. 1982 -Someone (Finally) figured out I've got: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (and Severe Depression)

8. 1982 - Bipolar (again, but wrong) AND (guess...Severe Depression)

9. 1985- "Trauma issues" (which I am not ready to discuss w/anyone)

10. 1983- Severe OCD (up from "just" OCD) and Depression

11. 1987- Alcoholism AND Severe Depression and Severe OCD

12. - 1994 - Bipolar 2 - (not even close, IMO)

So - I've finally settled on the #11 (next to last) Diagnosis as being correct.

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chronologically over the past 10 years:

MDD- Prozac (big mistake lol)

BPI- Seroquel, abilify, depakote

Schizophrenia- nothing I ran away as fast as I could

BPI "we are thinking now"- Zyprexa

who knows but I am determined to stick with treatment this time no matter what the NOS it is.

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