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I think you've probably said some good things there, I'm just crap at following extended metaphors, and metaphors generally confuse me. "Boxes" in other words.

Err... my sense of self is probably stronger now than it was when I was younger. I think thats probably true of most folks.

Guidance? Well I learn from what I read here. Life for me though is exploring an ever expanding horizon through my own effort and ultimate truth and learning at least in a philosophical sense can only come from things I figure out for myself. External influences help, sure, they can guide to a certain extent but they have their limitations as "truth" as gathered from external sources, is only ever other peoples opinions, and not your own. Possibly thats just an autistic take on life. I don't really understand people who can only ever really "be themselves" when they're with other people and can only learn from other people. Does not compute. Oh heck I can't really do philosophy when I've got a headache. I need my lunch. I'll try and read your post again later, as I'm not sure what I've just said had any relevance to what you were trying to say. Sorry if I'm coming across as a grumpy sod right now, its probably an accurate reflection.

I'm glad you seem to be happy and sorting your life out, more power to you.

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