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hi all,

i had an EKG as part of my pre-op process (im having nose surgery in a few days).

I dont recall ever having an EKG before...if i did, then i dont remember it.

so....the chick puts the little stickers near by ankle region, on my wrists, and then around my left boob.

she then attached the wires (or nodes???) she goes from top to bottom. starts with the ankle region. ok - no pain. then to my wrists and got the worst pinch from hell on both wrists. then onto the boob which was less painful than the wrists, but more painful than the ankle.

she starts up the machine and it starts making marks on the paper. the pain was constant to the wrists - very pinching.

then its over. and she starts from the boob taking stuff off. and when she takes off the sticker & wires from my wrists - it still hurt. when she left the room, i looked at my wrists and i had the bright red dots. the dots/pain lasted all day. almost 48 hours later - and i still have little pink spots - but no pain.

now, im thinking this is not supposed hurt. because there were no marks on my boob or ankles. and no pain to ankle area. pain to boob area disappeared when she took the stuff off.

do i just have really weak wrists?

what should i do in the future...or what should anyone else do if this happens to them?



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I've never had one hurt. I've not seen anyone have one that was painful, except when the stickies were removed.

What I would recommend if you're in that kind of scene again: ask politely if this is something that usually hurts. "Is this something that usually hurts, or is it something about me? 'Cause it hurts like hell."

Do you have a history of tape/adhesive allergy? If you still have spots - not bruises - 2d later, that would be what I would wonder about. And that would explain some of the pain. Thin sensitive skin on wrists can react pretty strongly. (And I'm not implying that this means the rest of your body is coated with leathery scales!)

ETA: wrong button, meant to preview.

Anyway. If there is a chance you are reacting to the adhesive, I'd suggest calling your surgeon's office and leaving a message before surgery re: your concern. I don't know what you're having done, but it may need a dressing. Dressings involve adhesive. A heads-up for the surgeon would be polite.

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I've had dozens and dozens of EKG's for work physicals over nearly 30 years and never had any pain. This includes the old bulb & sucker type contacts and the modern throw-away adhesive types, which I prefer to cold goopy conductive gel.

My guess is that you have some sort of allergy to the adhesive, or to the conductive solution in the pad. Do you have any latex allergy?

Next time ask the nurse if they have any hypoallergenic contact pads. Explain your problem. You could pre/post medicate with Benadryl or a regular allergy med like Claritin or Zyrtec.


p.s. Just be glad you don't a big manly chest full of hair too! ;) "Ouch"

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I just had one on Wednesday. My doctor's nurse used these rubbery sticky things on all those contact points, hooked up the wires and so on. I didn't feel a thing. (I have these every year). There's a little tug when they pull the rubbery things off, but less of a tug than taking off a bandaid.

It sounds like an allergic reaction to me, DeckBridge. Lots of people are allergic to the various adhesives they use. Also, I think you have a very fair complexion, and fair skin is often more sensitive than olive skin.


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All the electrodes and cables I've seen for the last several years have been latex free, fwiw. They do make hypoallergenic ones for short-term use (ECGs), presumably for long-term telemetry as well, and all the ECG electrodes I've seen lately are labeled hypoallergenic. That might be a result of the operations director being sick of stocking "regular" and "hypoallergenic" and just going to the most universally accepted product.

However, adhesives are nasty little buggers for skin reactions. It gets hot under the occlusive dressing or electrode, and then things absorb really well into skin, and then there's extra blood flow to the area from the heat of the occlusive thing, and... and you get the idea.

Anyway. Shouldn't hurt. Except for the bonus free "waxing" when they rip them off, maybe.

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