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Clozapine is the crappiest (side effects) and the best atypical (eefectiveness) around, which sucks.

i read about DHA-Clozapine a while ago on google. the active ingridiant is a clozapine+DHA molecule (what ever that means). lets not care about the chemistry.

the thing about this stuff is, it could theoretically have much much less side effects.

unlike clozapine which is active when it enters the blood and messes withyour physiology, the DHA version becomes active when it passes the blood brain barrier. so no active clozapine anywhere but your brain, which happens to need it. sounds totally good to me. i want that shit (clozapine is almost good for anything as far as i know. particularly trearment refractory bipolar and schizo.)

the problem is, the website of the devaloping company is down, and i read somewhere that the company went bankrupt (or at least a company with the same name, Protarga)

i have the feeling that this sucks big time. the best antipsychotic minus its side effects being held back for whatever reason is meant toward us loonies.

post some info about this if you happen to have some.


polar bear

EDIT: looks like this company (http://www.luitpold.com/site/abo_tar.asp) has aquired protarga.

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interesting. when i was caring for a very young boy with autism, i had to give him his DHA supplements daily. i never hear anyone else mention it though. i really don't know for sure if it was helping him or not. most of my job was behavioural management.

- rita

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The DHA in this medication is this one: [link=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Docosahexaenoic_acid"'>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Docosahexaenoic_acid" target="_blank]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Docosahexaenoic_acid[/link] which is a component of the goodies you get from fish oil (DHA/EPA)

Clozaprexin seems to now belong to Luitpold [link=http://www.luitpold.com/site/index.asp"'>http://www.luitpold.com/site/index.asp" target="_blank]http://www.luitpold.com/site/index.asp[/link] [link=http://www.findownersearch.com/owner/2055976/"'>http://www.findownersearch.com/owner/2055976/" target="_blank]http://www.findownersearch.com/owner/2055976/[/link], also owning the brand name protarga.

I found the following in an annual report:

Protarga, Inc., had to file for Chapter 11 in August 2003.The company launched a pivotal Phase

III in the US in spring 2003, and had to sell its assets in an auction in late 2003. Luitpolt Pharma

acquired all assets from Protarga, paying USD 7.3 mio upfront in cash, with a milestone and

royalty model attached to this deal.

It lists contact details, if you really want to find out if its still in development you may want to give them a call, alternatively you may find some more info on Google that may indicate when it will become available, but since a search in Medscape turned up nothing I'd say this med is still in development at present.


edit: haha I missed your edit note down the bottom of your post, but as I said the contact details are there on Luitpolt's site, give them a call.

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Gosh darnit. I spent my last $7.3 million this morning. If I had just read this post earlier.

a.m. :)

i has impossible idea.

there are ca. 6000000000 / 100 = 60000000 schizophrenics and much more bipolars around (clozapine is not only the best med for schizo AFAIK. it's rather good for anything loonish)

so lets say there are 100000000 people who would theoretically care. lets say 90 million of them have no access to internet or are not interested or are poor as crap. so we have 10 millions. if any of them pay 1 $ we have 10 millions. we pay it to luitpold and get the shit hopefully. that would be a historic moment at the same time. patients acting on the pharma industry is something that hadent been there yet ;). we could also start a petition. which is easier and doesnt need a paypal account.

I'm going to write them an email and ask how the dha-clozapine is going. they have already made a DHA-something cancer med. so why not clozapine? they may as well be working on that.....

btw correct me if i fucked up the math :)


Polar bear..... (i totally want to get rid of the

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FUCK THIS SHIT CRAP BITCH WHORE FACE. i mean the situation not the person.

Answer to my email from what ever this company is called.

Good morning.

No trials are being conducted.


William [....]

1 Luitpold Dr. Shirley, NY 11967

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Guest Guest_mary_*

I am glad to see I am not the only person who has emailed Luitpold Pharmaceuticals about Clozaprexin. I received the same shitty answer from them. I, too, was hopefully waiting for Clozaprexin to go through clinical trials and become a medical breakthrough for alot of people. It's been 5 years since Luitpold aquired Clozaprexin, and they've done NOTHING with it. Jerks! I sent them a new email last week, and I ripped them a new asshole. I emailed NARSAD and requested they start pressuring Luitpold to develope Clozaprexin. Then I emailed Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Clozaril) and asked them to consider buying the patented "Targeceutical" technology for Clozaril. Someone should be able to do something!

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My sister's doctor is trying to push Clozapine/Clozaril on her. Yes she needs something. She is severely mentally ill. But the sideaffects are frightening. So what is the alternative for her? What are successful treatments for her? What are the best resources to get help. I don't think she's gotten good help, both in hospital and out. She started off depressed with post-traumatic stress disorder (Child of Holocaust Survivors). The system, in my opinion destroyed her. Granted her home life didn't help either. Yet, she's regressed to the point where there's just a shell of who she was. She shuffles, she shakes, she constantly repreats her ailments. And nobody helps her. Only to prescribe more medication. What's wrong with the mental health field? When did it stop treating human beings? I once worked as a psychiatric aid at McClean Hospital in 1973, when I was a student in Boston. Patients, even the severely institutional ones were not just left to talk to the walls. There was effort and human interaction. Who is proactively working with the severely affected. And are these hospitals liabel for my sister's psychological demise?

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I am another one whose doctor is pushing clozapine and has been doing so for quite a while. BUT I am NOT prepared to go around drooling, wetting the bed, dying of agranulocytosis, dropping dead of heart failure or having seizures amound the multitude of glorious side effects that clozapine has.

It frustrates me but I just don't see what power one little woman in northern Ireland has over the pharmaceutial companies.

I guess I'm just holding out for new new generation antipsychotics and trying to muddle through in the mean time

blackbird x

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...and the side effects can be as minimal as drooling, admittedly, but only when sleeping, and sedation. A big enough problem, sedation, but it depends on the doseage.

But I agree. Why drag their asses about this? Don't they know they'd be heroes in the Mental Health Community?

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