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My son has been through so much, and still has a long way to go. The last thing he neads is boobs!

He is freaking out. The PDOC says he should be ok for the time being until we try something else.

Any feedback would be nice as he is real bumbed out. Thanks ;)

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A number of drugs increase prolactin levels by blocking the action of dopamine, but yeah Risperdione is the classic at doing that.

He has Galactorrhoea (lactation) or just enlarged boobs? It can be a bit of a shock to males when they learn that they possess functional mammary glands and start lactating.

I wasn't exactly impressed either, and I'm female.

I should think though, that the effects will fade as the prolactin levels drop and things will go back to normal. I hope.

I'm just an uneducated nut though, so that may be something to discuss with the professionals.


edit: I did a google and turned up this on a site about prolactin problems arising from cancer, and treatment:

Patient management

Most patients are treated medically with the dopamine agonists cabergoline, or Bromocriptine, both of which reduce prolactin levels <snip>

Medical treatment with cabergoline, quinagolide, or bromocriptine controls prolactin and symptoms in the majority of patients, but needs to be continued in the long term. These drugs can be associated with some dizziness and nausea. This can be limited by taking the medicine in the middle of meals or last thing at night and by starting at low dose.

Cabergoline is the most widely prescribed as it is more potent and associated with fewer side-effects and need only be taken twice weekly.

Note however the effects on dopamine. If psychosis is still a problem at present/an ongoing problem this is obviously not going to be a good solution.

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I hope he can switch soon. He wont take off his shirt because he feels like a freak(his words).

He is going to the pdoc on tuesday. I think he will try something else, I hope.

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