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OMG, a place with other people!

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Came across this board purely by accident while doing a google search on clonazepam and risperdal.

I've been on risperdal for the past 4 years for anxiety and some slight depression? at least that's what I've been told that I've got. Clozanepam is as and when that I need to get some sleep and amd seriously anxious. But lately, I've been getting really anxious and stressed over some major changes in my life and am looking for something to help me feel better?

I actually came across this site while googling on the effects of ecstacy mixed with risperdal. Silly isn't it? Yeah, I'm pretty desperate to feel happy. I was also looking at Erimin 5 (brand name) to uplift my mood. Needless to say, I don't think I'll be touching any of those drugs. I'm just going to stick with my risperdal and maybe take clonazepam more regularly.

Nowadays my anxiety is usually triggered off by my ex girlfriend. I know, she's an ex, I shouldn't let her affect me. But it's just so hard, it was a 7 year relationship and my life revolved around her. I've had to face some major decisions (at least to me) such as should I pursue a post graduate education (I want to do an MBA but know that it would be the end of what relationship I've got with my ex), should I commit and buy a house? And should I migrate to Australia?

I haven't felt happy for a long time.... I think too much and it's getting to me. I want to stop thinking about the mindless stuff that I can't control but I can't seem to do that. I run details in my mind and it drives me nuts. On a bad day I'm up all night just running the thoughts on my ex over and over again in my head. I do need to get away from her, but I can't help myself.

I don't really know how much I'm supposed to share about myself, but if there's anybody who's figured a way to avoid thinking too much, please please, share it with me. Right now, I find the only way that I can deal with it is to head out and play computer games. But lately, I've been unable to concentrate on the games and find myself sitting around thinking about stuff after and hour or so.

I guess my case isn't too serious, I'm still able to function normally most of the time. But it's nice to know that there's a board here.

So hello there.

Oh, and by the way, I'm a banker ;) (if i'm supposed to share about my job as well)

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Not taking ecstasy sounds like a good idea. The problems with ruminating on your ex sound pretty rough. I went through a breakup several years ago with someone that I was very set on, and I was depressed at the time as well, and it was hard.

Have you been in therapy before? Some kinds can be very helpful and others less so.

I take seroquel for anxiety, and took risperdal before that though I had to stop it due to side effects. I've found it really helpful.

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Hi, welcome.

Feel free to post. PM any of the mods if you need help.

Hopefully you are seeing a psychiatrist. I would also encourage you to talk with your pdoc about arranging to see a therapist. Talk therapy + meds are show from many studies to be the most effective treatment.

I don't think any of us can give you specific drug recommendations. It may be important to review your condition with your pdoc, in view of changing meds. I was having great trouble with intrusive/obsessive thoughts particularly about an ex gf, and my pdoc added Cymbalta (NRI) to my cocktail, which worked wonders. That was chosen to work with my other meds. Something else may be more appropriate for you such as an SSRI or an antipsychotic. Thats why the pdocs get the big bucks.

again, welcome.


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Hi adc!

I'm with A.M. (can y'all believe it? lol)

There are lots of different meds, and combos of meds, and a pdoc can help you find one that works.

Sometimes it takes some time, and there's a good degree of tiral and error, but, if what you're taking now doesn't work, it's ok to tell the doc that and explore some other options.

My med cocktail has pretty much eradicated my ruminations.

Used to get myself ALL wound up tight.

Now, pretty much, I can feel a spell of ruminating try and start, but it just doesn't go anywhere.

like trying to start a fire with no O2.

Welcome, and good luck!

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Hi guys/girls

Thanks for the warm welcome...

Yes, I'm seeing a psychiatrist now, but honestly, he doesn't seem to do much. Just take some notes and asks me how I feel. But most the time I'm feeling really ok when I see him. So I tell him that. He hasn't changed my dosage for 2 years now, but did give me the clonazepam when I asked for it.

Ended up taking some yesterday (2.5mg) when I couldn't get some sleep. Seems that the dosage he gives me is pretty high - 5mg pills?

But I definitely want to revisit my treatment with him. Whether it's therapy or different medication, I would like something that can help me avoid the mood swings.

I'm not sure how easy it is to get therapy where I am, given that I'm in a third world country and there seem to be a lack of therapists. But I'll try and look into that.

Is jealousy part of my anxiety or is it separate? I'm an insanely jealous person that when I go that way it literally inhibits my ability to do anything. I just sit there with murderous thoughts in my mind. Any suggestions on that?

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Here is a good thread on Ecstasy. There is a link to a slide show at dancesafe.org or something that is really informative, not just about X but neurotransmitters in general. Short version? Don't do it.

You have to be perfectly honest with your doc, not just about how you are doing that minute but how you are the minutes between visits. This is important. You may go in having a good day, but that doesn't mean the day before you weren't in the crapper. Sounds like you may need some med tweaking. Definitely try to find a therapist but if there are none around, I feel that posting here is very cathartic. This board has definitely been a godsend for me.

And yes, in my opinion jealousy ties in to anxiety. Try the anxiety board, and this thread from the relationship board has good info on jealousy. Try the search button up at the top right of the page and see what comes up.

Glad you found this board and I hope it helps you as much as it has me!

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Those murder thoughts and obsessive frustrations could be the agitation from a mixed state of bipolar/depression. Perhaps you need to honest with your psychiatrist and say that you are not fine. I had been fighting with my family for years. Shrink added lithium to augment my Seroquel and for the first time in 10 years I am no longer antagonistic with them. I have peace that I don't remember having. Antipsychotics and antidepressents can help with those unproductive thoughts that get stuck. Tell your shrink. Tell him/her. Tell Tell Tell. Med adjustment. Meds are expensive so you may as well find the proper dosage that you need in order to benefit the most.

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