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obviously, weight gain from seroquel is not a surprise at all.

but what is sort of surprising to me is that taking adderall xr (40mgs/day) in combination with seroquel (200mg a.m./400mg p.m.) still leaves me with a weight gain of something like 30-40 lbs.

I've been taking both drugs for a while, and when I started them, I was a relatively small person. I was a healthy weight, maybe a little under from time to time, but more or less good to go. Over the few years with seroquel, the dose has been adjusted up and up again in response to increased tolerance, maybe, or increased severity of symptoms, hard to tell sometimes. anyway, since the most recent increase a few months ago, probably of 100mgs at night, but i can't remember exactly (sad, i know), i've gained the 30-40 lbs i already mentioned.

first of all, wtf?? i seriously cannot stand to take the stuff anymore -tho for the most part i do - b/c i'm terrified i'll end up really obese or something, or that i'll incite the onset of type II diabetes, which i'm probably already going to have to deal with anyway since all the women in my mom's family seem to get it, whether they're itty bitty little people or have a weight problem. i do not want to have additional health problems in addition to just feeling uncomfortable in my own body due to what was pretty damn rapid weight gain.

secondly, i was under the impression that adderall was something that diminished appetite. of course i wouldn't think adderall should be taken for dieting purposes, but as i said, i've been on the stuff for years, anyhow. shouldn't it's appetite-decreasing effects nullify some of the seroquel urge to eat? and come to really think of it, yeah, my appetite has shot up, but putting myself on a more restrictive diet and getting daily exercise seems to help not one bit with the weight gain. it's like seroquel doesn't only make you hungry, but also makes you physically wear everything you do put in your mouth. *sigh*

ok, i'm done bitching, sorry for the long rant (and think, i'm only beginning on the problems i have with the super-hated seroquel, lol), really i am. it seems everyone who has experience with seroquel has the weight gain issue. well, almost everyone. i didn't realize this post would turn into my own personal bitch-fest when i began it, i really just wanted to know if anyone's come up with a way to beat the appetite increase? or, whether someone for whom seroquel has done it's prescribed job - as i find it does, despite the side effects - has dropped it for another anti-psychotic and, if so, how did you go about withdrawing from the seroquel, and did anything else work as well as the seroquel had? and, just for curiosity's sake, anyone else out there on adderall xr as well? and does it help you with the appetite issues?

thanks a lot, and peace to all

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