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i've read Here that Glycine may help people with schizophrenia. specially with negative nad cognitive symptomes. but you need to take monster doses of that. 30 - 60 gr. a day.

i dont really have schizophrenia or at least noone thinks that i have it but i partially benefit from antipsychotics so i thought i could get myself some and eat it and see what happens. bodybuilders are taking it in masses and nothing really happens to them (although i dont know how much exactly they take. probably not 60 gr. which would be 60000 mg ;) )

i'm not really encourage you to take it. i'm rather looking for experience or info. if you have some, keep it coming :)


polar bear

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Out of the first 20 citations on glycine and SZ, the 4 most eye catching all have titles mentioning Glycine Transport INHIBITION being therapeutic. So, if anything, one ought to avoid taking glycine as a supplement.


Glycine Transport INHIBITION. notice the transport. it could as well mean that this med inhibits the transport of glycin from the NMDA receptors and effectivly increases its avalibility.

i'm also wondering why THIS paper mentions glycine therapy and the transport inhibition at the same time (and states both are basicly good)


glycine transport inhibitors (GTI) have preclinical behavioral effects similar to those of glycine or D-serine, and may represent a 'next generation' approach to the treatment of the persistent negative and cognitive symptoms ofschizophrenia.



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