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New to Emsam - need advice from those in the know

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Am looking at my unopened box of Emsam 6mg - I start Monday and am looking for the word from those who have been there or are there now. what's your dose? Did an errant anchovy send you to the ER? Is Foster's on tap REALLY gonna pop my aorta? any close calls? Anything happen that you didn't expect?

Inquiring minds wanna know...

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I know I've already offered some tales, but sharing is something worth overdoing. Other than not competitively eating tins of anchovies in the Marysville Annual Peel-off Meal-Off, I wouldn't change my diet one bit on 6 mg and the recent lit supports my sentiment.

-Every time I started a new dose, my sleep worsened. It seems common.

-Use as many application sites as possible (that is, rotate through many: in fact, work out a system, like moving clockwise through the sites, so that if you someday find yourself sporting two patches, you can identify the old one you forgot to remove). Your skin will be red in the area of adhesion.

-My doctor approved my cutting the patches to increase/decrease dose. It seems the medicine layer is spread evenly over the patch.

-The size of the 9 mg patch is proportionally larger than the 6 mg (it is 50% bigger). I thought the formula would be different.

-Use surgical tape to keep the edges from curling up in the humid summertime.

-The damn cellophane backing pieces static-cling to the wall when you throw them in the trash bin.

-5 hours after the first application, my blood pressure hit 200 / something. Apply in the morning, so you have time to call your doc and deal with a potential reaction during daylight hours. Conversely, watch for orthostatic hypotension.

-I tolerated it much more easily than any SSRI. I like it.

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I think Spuffy covered all the "practical" stuff - that I had forgotten!

Even at higher dose I never had food issues or even paid attention.

Did have mild redness and several times forgot to remove one patch. I never had an issue with 'overdose'.

Also no BP or other negative issues, but wise to pay attention.

Like all meds there might be freakish abnormal issues. Nose falling off etc. but that's rare!

So just pay attention but don't worry too much. I think it's really pretty benign as meds go.

OH! it also didn't do much for me! ;)

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I was on Ensam 6 mg. for about two months and had no bad side effects. However, Like Steve, it did nothing for me. In fact, the pdoc took me off it just after I got a new box, so I have a whole box of Ensam 6mg. sitting around and gathering dust. Fortunately, I only had to pay $40 with my insurance instead of the normal retail price which my pharmacy claims is over $400.


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