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I Can't Seem to Eat Anything

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I don't think I am anorexic...but I go to the gym at least five times a week. Last week I didn't eat for three days in a row, and this week, all I have consumed are a few sips of a slimfast. I don't understand why my body feels sick when I try to eat something. My mind says "EAT!" and my body rejects any and all food that comes into my body. I'm not sick physicly...and I don't think I am anorexic...because, I don't have a distorted view of myself. I WANT to eat.

How can I get myself to eat food again without wanting to barf?

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If you don't feel this is eating disorder stuff- loss of appetite can be a symptom of a lot of things.

get thee to your med doc asap.

i totally agree - if you WANT to eat and can't, you really need to see a doctor.

if you think on it a little harder and you discover that you want to WANT to eat, but can't.... well if that makes any sense to you then pull up a chair and stay awhile ;) .

in any case it deserves attention. i got stuck in a loop where i was sick for a long time and got used to not eating (and my body got used to it, too). so now i have to retrain my body not to get sick or feel like lead when i DO eat. so it's not like my body's really saying it doesn't want food.... it's saying it doesn't know what to do with it anymore. maybe yours too?

- rita

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Guest Spacegirl

I am totally there.

I don't actually have an eating disorder, since I don't detest how I look, but I do have disordered eating. How weird is that?

In my case, I just... don't eat, I guess. Sometimes I don't eat for a day or two. The longer I go, the harder it is to eat, I feel like I'll surely be sick. But I won't be sick, really, if I start with something very simple to digest.

I find there are some foods that I can eat even when the idea of eating seems really awful.

I must always, always have these foods on hand.

- applesauce

- cheerios

- oatmeal, sometimes

- egg matzah -- which you can find in the kosher section. It's like a giant cracker... barely food, really. Spread anything on it and do your best!

All of these things are easy on your stomach, and don't involve hardly any preparation (since it's really hard to cook when I don't feel like I'll ever want to eat again). If you've been going without food for a little while, it's a good idea to start with really easy-to-digest things like these.

Sometimes the smell of toast in the toaster snaps me out of it, so that's good, but it's hard to eat it since I don't like the taste. I also like Spirutein protein shakes. They're expensive, and everyone around me thinks they taste gross, but I am SO GLAD that I like them, since I can really use the protein.

For me, once I take that awful first bite, it usually gets much easier, although sometimes I have to just keep choking it down until it's done. I've been getting a lot better recently, though, since I stopped taking adderall for my ADD... (oh Adderall. I knew you might hurt peoples' appetites, but I thought you wouldn't make my complete lack of appetite even worse!) Now if I can just start paying attention again...

Good luck!

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Guest Spacegirl

Oh, I forgot to add my 'ditto' to those who suggested that you go ask your doctor as soon as you possibly can.

And I realized my post was a little bleak (my hatred of food is somewhat rare, and quite manageable, I've been doing very well for several months, even starting to get hungry these past couple of weeks... I will probably always want to monitor my food intake, but please don't get too scared that this kind of thing is insurmountable.)

Also, I think I made a silly assumption; there's not much reason to think that the way that you don't eat enough is the same as mine, really... However, I thought it might be good to know that there's somebody out there, at least, who is feeling something that seems similar (that being "food? uuguhhh that sounds like a terrible idea. hmm, I wonder how many days it's been").

Go ask your doctor. :)

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I just wanted to add, that allot of eating disorders aren't related to disordered body images. Distorted eating, when you actually want to eat, is an eating diorder. It can also be a control thing?

When i started having eating problems it had nothing to do with my body, often it may be come about your body, as loosing weight is a sign that you are successfully not eating. If you control your weight it means you sucsessfully controling your eating?

Not saying thats what you doing, but just want to say that its not always about your body. I'm guessing you know something is up if you chatting here?

I also never thought i had an eating problem, i merely ate badly, I wasn't sick enough or thin enough, i was embaressed if people said i had an eating problem. To me, i thought people where saying, "come on, she's not anerexic! must be an attention thing, she looks perfectly healthy" - I wasn't

Anyway, I'm not saying that i think thats you, but just something to think about, eating disorders are disorder eating and don't require you to be desperately underwieght. Don't let it get you down, look after yourself, go to the doctor either way. Its better safe then sorry! don't let it spiral out of control.

Keep chatting about it, it helps you work it out for yourself and there is nothing like a little support. Shout if you need anything.

Luvies Ash

P.s Most meds for ADD will knock your appetite for 6!!! Hope things gets better!! look out for yourself too!!

Thinking about you both xox

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