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unprofessional people suck


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arrgh! i would be pissed too. i also wonder if perhaps i do not deal with unprofessional idiots very well either (gee do you think? heh).

do you have a better business bureau or something you can report these assholes to? i mean that's really bad, using those photos was not only infringing on your rights, it is blatant false advertising as well. i am sure a lot of people would be grateful for knowing that company's real policies before dealing with them. i mean i know buyer beware, but sheesh.

- rita

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Yeah if i didnt know myself better today i would think i had authority figure issues - twice in one day is to much!

I will call the real estate authority on Monday and dob them in - i feel like i am dobbing lots lately lol

I wish i was able to call one of those sad a current a affairs shows we have here in Australia - where the reporters chase after bad business people and carry on trying to get answers- get those reports to find me some answers or drive these people insane for a bit. Just the fact that those reporters are so frustrating to the people they bail up would give me great pleasure!

And im still sure it is illegal what they did

I_V is evil mood tonite ;)

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