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provigil, bc pills, other options?

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I read on this board that provigil makes your bc pills not work. Is that true? I am about ot go back to work if I get a job and I feel pretty sedated alot of the time from my seroquel. I also have adhd and don't take meds because I haven't gotten around to that with my new pdoc. My last one told me flat out that I did not have ADHD because I made it through college. What a dumbass. Raise your hand if you are adhd and graduated from college.

My current coctail is: 300mg of seroquel, 300 mg of lamactil, 1.5mg of klonopin, and 20 mg of cymbalta. Is there a good and stimulating med that could address the adhd, which is somewhat helped w/ meds I'm on , but not enough, and would not interact badly with my current meds. Or increase anxiety. mel

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