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ever felt your parts of brain are not connected to each other?

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I most of the time have this feeling like my parts of brain are not connected to each other.... i really cant explain it better than that.

it feels like some parts (or maybe all of them) are working well, but there is some sort of vacuum or void between them.... so like i have more than one mind and every of them is doing its own thing but they can't really communicate.

example: i hear a joke, i laugh but i dont find it funny at all at the same time. so some parts of my mind find it funny but they fail to deliver their idea to the other parts. and there is sometimes some sort of crazy inconsistancy between them. like i want to go through a door, and at the same time i want to go back inside the room, and i end up doing one step forward and one step backward for some seconds (although it took 1 minute once. and i didnt even notice doing something crazy like this. others told me.) so i basicly do know what i want but there are multiple things and it makes me confused.

and sometimes i turn the light off and wonder why it got so dark, but whe i think about it, i find out that if was actually me (although i cant remember doing so) and i find out there was a perfect reason to do so.

this happens all the time, but i cant remember other examples. most of the time i dont even remember that i have done something like this. or it doesnt occure to me that there is something wrong with that. i tend to blame my ADD, which i actually dont have in the classic sence (i had PERFECT concentration till i was 16 or so)

so help me out here.... what could it be?


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I feel like this much of the time.

I think strange things like if I turn the fan on, it will blow the smog of night away and it'll be light again. Someone will see me waving around, stirring air up in the dark and flip on the light and i'll stare in amazement lol.

Or if the song is too high for me to sing, I think turning down the volume will change the key signature and make it in my voice range.

I was sitting on the couch last night, pushing my glasses up further on my nose, and I kid you not 30 seconds later I went to ajust them again and they were GONE. JUST GONE. So I assume, naturally, that they had disipeared into 1999 or somewhere in the past and someone was about to step on mysterious glasses that just apeared on the ground in front of them.

I found them the next morning where I usually put them. Maybe they were never on my face in the first place?

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I have this lack of connectedness and cognition, and it is difficult to deal with. I find a lot of life confusing, to be honest.

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