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Heart monitoring, not sure if this is the right forum.

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Ok, so call me a hypochondriac but I have a Polar heart monitor... One of those things you wear around your chest to measure your pulse via a watch worn on the wrist.

I have mostly down days, but on several meds it's been improving... About four days of each month I get this feeling... I call it nervousness but I think it's probably anxiety.

My heart rate races quite fast, I panic, I get reactionary to the things I do, turn off all the lights, hide under the covers. It's usually just someone entering my apartment building.

I haven't been diagnosed but I want to know what this is, is it a panic attack, a manic attack?

In my past when I've had manic episodes I've successfully created profitable businesses, launched one of them on the stock exchange... It's only since my breakup with my ex boyfriend that things have stuck in the dull end of life.

Can anyone relate to what this is? It scares the shi* out of me... If someone buzzes my door, if i hear a doorbell sound on TV, whatever, it really freaks me out. When this happens my heart rate monitor goes psycho... pushing towards 180-200.

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Yeah, sounds like a panic attack. Its common for panic attacks to start when you go through a tough life change like breaking up with someone. I would stop using that heart monitor because it seems like it is just making you feel worse. There is most likely nothing physically wrong with you so dont worry about your heart rate... it just reinforces a thought that something is seriously wrong with you physically when there really isn't. Physical sensations during a panic attack are pretty much indistinguishable to sensations you get during a "fight or flight response", or the startled feeling, that is why your heart rate jumps to that level. Before I was diagnosed I once thought I was having a heart attack and went to the emergency room... the doctor did tests and nothing was wrong.

I agree, go see a doctor or psychiatrist if it continues.

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