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I assume that the tracks are temporally in synch, it's just the volume and the channel placements (left/right/center/front/back) that aren't working out?

Is there any possibility that you could tell them that the results sound all right to you? If they want a different mix to work with, one or two people are just going to have to help you because you out on it.

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The tracks are in sync. Its just the volumes and EQ that i have a hard time with. I need to find a professional to do it. Noone else seems to want to do it and they probablly couldnt do it a whole lot better than me if they did anyways. They just complain about it to me.

I don't know about your particular situation, but I have hearing deficiencies in the 1KHz and 4KHz ranges, and tend to up-mix those when composing music. The very high end (16+ KHz) I have to tune down quite a bit. It's possible that you just have hearing differences with respect to the bands (no pun intended) you mix for.

That all said, The Exies' new album, "A Modern Way Of Living With The Truth", sounded horrendously mixed to me when I first popped it in for a listen. I shut my stereo's EQ off completely, solving the problem. Looks (or should I say, sounds) like my ears had the same tastes as theirs.

Honestly, maybe you're just barking up the wrong tree with respect to whom you're working for... have you considered a different genre that's more in tune to your aural tastes?

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My background just so's ya knows...

I went to a major accredited university and studied in the recording engineering program.

I have mixed records that have achieved gold and platinum status, and Billboard certified top 10 hits in Jazz, Adult Contemporary, and Rap.

I have also mixed Sitcoms, independent features and live TV.

Here are some suggestions.

- mix on different speakers, sometimes use cheap ones. If you don't have the best mixing platform (console or computer based) you can do more harm than good with EQ. Getting something to sound good on cheap speakers will help you get it to sound decent almost everywhere.

- go light on the EQ. add only rarely. typically you'll want to subtract the problem spots. rarely will you want to boost, unless you're going for effect.

- try mixing in mono. this allows you to place relative loudness of each element in perspective. then use only modest panning.

- use a reference disc. cue up one of your favorite sounding CDs (or a CD the band can agree on...) and A-B between your mix and the reference.

- listen to your mixes in as many different places as possible. this will let you know that your work is 'translating' to other monitoring situations. Car stereos, home stereos, iPods, etc. they all will emphasize different EQ bands.

Lastly, keep in mind that mixing is a SKILL. in order to get good you have to do it A LOT with LOTS of different music. The more you do it and check the results on different monitoring systems the better you'll get. Mixing is subjective. not everyone will agree on what a good mix is. My definition of a 'good' mix is one that doesn't get in the way of a great song. Some of the best songs ever have shitty mixes, and there are some very well mixed turds out there.

Just keep at it. you'll do fine.


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People assume because I can draw cartoons I can draw realistically. Nope...it's a different skill.

My husband once believed that people (like me) who weren't good at math just didn't practice enough. I told him "you can't draw anything more detailed than a stick figure. Is the reason you can't draw like me because you don't practice enough?"

He had to think about it but finally admitted that if he practiced every day for the rest of his life he could not do what I do.

The point? Some people are ignorant and need further explanation. Of course, some people, are just assholes....

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Is there remediation for auditory processing deficits for adults?

Since the onset of my illness' , I don't especially like that I spend most of my time trying to rehabilitate, but, since I feel much better, it is not so. It is what it is.

I also think that ECT has caused a brain injury. But we'll see. I just had a consultation with a neuropsychiatrist and will will have two more consultations. She is working with my psychiatrist.

I'm also asking for my two adult sons who tested positive for auditory processing deficits when they were children. They received remedial tutoring for about six years but they haven't tested since.

Any information would be helpful.

I just realized that I just sorta hijacked this thread. I apologize. But it might be helpful to anyone?

Very interested,

Sunshine Outside

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I have SID and a little different. I hear single notes and can tell them apart. From the first few strings of a guitar I can tell you what song it is if I listened to it before. dont let those guys push you around. itrs notyour fault and like you said you probably do better than they can. and either they dont want to. tell them to get over it or do it themselves. people are stubborn.and as an autie-schizo myself there is MI and it does effect EVERYTHING.

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Adding to technogiggle's technical advice:

Although I have no musical training outside 5 years of trumpet and music theory, as well as over a decade of sustained trauma to the ears from loud music, I also suggest you perform the obvious mix - on headphones. Well okay, I assume you're doing that already.

Many artists do their mixes just on closed (sealed) phones, which don't do a good job simulating speakers. It's like being in one's own little world. In addition to doing the mix on conventional sealed headphones, you might also want to consider performing a mix and monitoring it on open circumaural headphones (I personally use the Sennheiser HD-595, which is more amateur-oriented, but you get the drift).

Anyways, that's my 2dB for now...

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