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From Lexapro to Cymbalta

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I had posted on the SSRI site that I had developed a percoset dependence (1 325mg a day).  I say "dependence" rather than "addiction" because the most I have ever taken is 3 during the day, and I must have a sensitivity to opiates because I was itchy and miserable that I won't do that again.  I was very honest with my new P-doc--that my dependency is linked to the fact that percoset "wakes me up" and makes me more focused and more able to concentrate.  I have been on 10 mg of lexapro for over 9 months now and initially, I had that "wake me up and slap my a**" reaction whenever the particular AD du jour kicks in, but they all poop-out after a while.  I don't want to be on the percoset as I know that I am using it for something other than what it is prescribed for.  I wanted my p-doc to prescribe Provigil or another stimulant, but she just kept asking me if it could be my thyroid level (nope--had those checked) or anemia (nope--this steak-lovin' gal's rbc is just groovy!)  Having already confessed a dependency on Percoset (after all--isn't that the first step??) I didn't want to challenge her by saying I had been lurking on this board and really think a CNS thrown in with the Cymbalta might be just the right cocktail.  Sigh.  So, I left with my brown paper sack with my 30 mg (for a week) and then 60 mg (for the following week) and made a follow-up for 2 weeks.  Also, as a very mature step (so I thought) I made an appt. for tomorrow with a dependency counselor to set up weaning me from the perc teat.  (Really--I swear I am only at 1 - 2 a day!!  I have the remainder of the script to prove it!!  I showed it to her...does this look like an addict???  Look at all of those blue pills!!!)

My question to all of you because we are all the guniea pigs of these psych meds (do the docs ever take this stuff??)  Could my serotonin poop-out be helped with some coaxing of the neopre--whatever??  She said I don't have to wean off the Lex; just switch over--is she kidding me??  How can I get a CNS prescribed without looking like a druggie?  Am I just going to have to live with sleepiness; lack of concentration and motivation and these extra friggin 40 pounds forever?? 

How are the sexual side effects of the Cymbalta?

PS--wellbutrin did nada for me. 

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Guest PinkToo2grrl

sky did you try the cymbalta? sounds like you are in the same boat as me:

sleepiness; lack of concentration and motivation and these extra friggin 40 pounds

PS--wellbutrin did nada for me.

would love to know if this is helping.  i'm of 20 mg of lex, and discussing trying cymbalta, just not sure yet if i really am ready to go through all that again.

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She said I don't have to wean off the Lex; just switch over--is she kidding me??

Nope, not kidding. Lexapro hits serotonin; Cymbalta hits serotonin & norepinephrine, so the transition shouldn't be too rocky. If you start getting brain zaps you could cut up some of the left over Lex and take just enough of it with the Cymbalta starter dose to ease the symptoms, dropping it altogether when you get to the 60 mgs Cym.

Good luck with the transition. I hope it works well for you.


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Call it effective self medication. I swear to god that opiates-esque drugs are the wave of the future for antidepressant/mood stablizers. If 5mg of oxycodone made things better, i don't know why they wouldnt consider treating you with it.

Some people take xanax for years, and they are 500 times more drug dependant than you would be on 10mg of oxycodone.

Jeez. Sorry, just felt like saying something.

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No wonder I'm

so happpy

20mg Oxyx3

I did eat tons of vicodin

lousy shit



could do it for you

why not?

not familiar with perc

(looking it up)

I'll chime in

next time

I think I know



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