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I got addicted to my own Ritalin and now doctors won't help

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I have severe ADHD. I got addicted to my ritalin after years of taking it without abusing it. I was taking 800mgs a day. Went to jail for a year. Now I am out. Haven't had Ritalin for over a year now. Do you think that a doctor will ever want to treat me because I abused my own meds? I know I should probably never take Ritalin again, even though it helped sooo much. It never made me high, I just built a huge tolerance and lost control. Nothing else seems to work. Strattera does nothing. Provigil does nothing. Wellbutrin causes too many side effects and in the end really isn't as effective. The only thing that has ever work has been Adderal, Ritalin or Dexedrine. But there is no way in hell that a doctor will ever prescribe that to me again, right????? What do I do? I cannot keep my life together with he way things are now. I am seeing a new doctor soon and I have been totally honest with the therapist. I am not going to lie and deny what happened and the mistakes that I have made. BUT I STILL NEED HELP FOR ADHD OR I AM SCREWED!

What in the world do I do?

email me please

SuperSpaz ;)

Edit: Removed personal email link. 00T

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