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Im BP and on a new cocktail (See below)

My therapist says that if I smoke weed it will affect how well my medications work.

I know that marijuana is a depressant. (Duh) And more specifically a central activating system downer I believe?

But aren't those effects just temporary?

Or could the chemical structure of THC and other components of marijuana actually interfere with the way your meds work??

I just wanna know. I know I should stay away from it no matter what, but if anyone knows it would help.


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i am not good with teh typing right this minute so um the drawbacks i know about are yup it's a depressant for most, it can kill your motivation to do anything about your situation, people get rebound anxiety, some can't control their appetite (which could be horrid depending on what you're on), and chances are you'd be more tired. you can make all kinds of hallucinations and paranoia worse if you've already got 'em.

your mileage may vary depending on your own physiology and your own crazy flavour and what kind of meds you're on. i'm a weird case, my doc knows and doesn't want me discontinuing as long as my dosage stays the same (for nausea) and i don't feel a need to keep having more. but i have noticed it takes only half the amount of mj now to counteract the nausea since i've started lamictal - those two drugs must react in a funny way (well wasn't that scientific).

rule of thumb being that unless the doc says it ain't a bad idea, i probably wouldn't go for it, i suppose.

- rita

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