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I have been dx'ed as bp1(rapid cycling) and i am awaiting an EEG and MRI as they also thing im epileptic.

I currently take:

75mg Topamax

25mg seroquel

40mg citalopram

25mg to 100mg Losec (for ulcer)

Vitamin ACE & minerals

Super Vit C

I recently had the seroquel reduced from 200mg a day due to gainig 5 stone in weight and it did nothing to stabilise my mood (im mostly hypamanic/manic). So my doc dropped me down to 25mg, which i find i need to get at least a couple of hours sleep a night.

The reason why my doc has refused to increase or give me other meds is because she wants me as med free as possible is for the eplilepsy tests. So im having to put up with being virtually unmedicated at the mo.

My main question is, does topamax cause skin complaints such as eczema or psoriasis? as i seem to have broken out in both the same week the seroquel dose was drasically dropped (went from 200mg straight to 25mg)and the Topamax was started.

Or is it a combo of the other meds i take?


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Hi there...I haven't had any skin complaints on topamax....

a really good site that I wouldn't do without is


  where the common man rates and and shares common experiences and

  side effects from many different meds.

  Good luck and vibes to you!!

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Thanks for all the info...it's been an eye opener!

I was dx'ed bi polar 4 years ago (but had it since age 5. was back and forth to child psychologists/psychiatrists from that age)

ive been told im rapid cycling as im psychotically manic (see, hear, smell things that arent there, have dellusions, expansive/elevated mood etc..) every 4 - 5 weeks. Depression usually comes every 3-4 months.

I have had what i call strange buzzing feelings since starting the seroquel, and an increase in my seizures (especially nightime ones, which is when i take it). Which makes perfect sense now you've told me seroquel can trigger these!!

I would never stop the Topamax...i love it!, it has made me feel calmer, less anxious and helped me stop drinking. i have also lost nearly 2 stone while taking it. If anything i would like it to be increased. The only other med i have taken that i like this much was carbamazepine.

The only side effect i get from the topamax is a bit of brain slowing and pins and needles.

Thank you for your help ;)

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Thankyou for the link. I think i may have figured out the psoriasis thing.

Im getting the psoriasis around wounds and scars, of which i have quite a few (i have 25 or so piercings) and in the link, which was brilliant btw, it said that Topamax can heal old scars.

I think psoriasis is caused when for some reason the skin in that area renews itself faster (instead of taking 28 days to renew, a psoriasis patch only takes 4-5 days). Im wondering if the topamax is causing the skin around the exit and entry wounds of my piercings, and other new injuries to try to heal faster....please feel free to correct me if im wrong.... ;)

I saw my shrink yesterday and she refused to increase my topamax, but i told her i now know about the effect seroquel can have on epilepsy...so she gave me zopiclone for sleep.

I told her that i was extremeley anxious, hallucinating, and getting manic. I felt that i needed to be medicated properly. Her reply was that she couldnt give me any more or different meds because im still waiting for an MRI an EEG and she wants me to fill in a mood diary for 3 months, so she can figure out the best way to treat me.

Do meds really effect these tests?....why is she not giving me meds for a serious illness?....i feel like im about to lose it

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