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past few days (despite massive physical exhaustion) i've been having a hard time sleeping, irritable, irrational/immoral thoughts and actions, not eating enough, agitated as all get out... you know, mania creeping in stuff.

so my Dr. raised my lithium yesterday and i took the first higher dose last night.

how long until i'll feel it start to work?

this is really annoying and i should maybe go scrub my bathroom to work off the energy but i'm also physically tired so it's just GRAGH.

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With lithium, I've always found it's within 2-3d that I notice the change. Right after I hit the magic blood-level line.

About a week to fully settle down, but the brain squirrels themselves start behaving themselves after that 2-3d.

I have to be extremely dutiful about schedule, structure, etc., at that point, because any major deviation will be paid for, one way or another.

Antiepileptic drugs seemed to take a little bit longer, maybe 4-5 days to show the change.

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