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can you believe it?

I'm alive, functioning, pretty stable, 'going places,' doing well in school, increasing my photo and my makeup portfolios weekly, capable of happiness and laughter, making friends and connections more than at any other time in my life, and for heaven's sake, I'm actually having a birthday party and people are actually going to come and celebrate because they like me.

I just almost don't believe that this year happened-- six months ago I was still a trainwreck but along with (finally) hitting the right cocktail (thankyouthankyou lamictal) and my freaking overachiever, perfectionist self not willing to accept that I'd essentially slept through half of college and therefore wanting to make up for it-- all that put together, and I actually have a future (!?)

I still have more than a few issues, I still have plenty of every day battles, and I know that I'm still going to run into problems in the future, but I guess

I just needed to recognize my accomplishment of still being alive at 21 years old.

sometimes I didn't believe it could happen.

I'm at a loss for words to explain how much of a blessing it is that I was wrong.

thank you so much everyone for being here, you have no idea how much this community has helped me. I hope you can celebrate a little with me because it's your accomplishment too that I'm still here and kicking.

sincerest thanks (and some warm fuzzies too),


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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! ;):)

Not sure of the date, but I just had to say it!!

You should be so proud of the things that you have accomplished, hurray for YOU!!!

I, for one, am glad that you are here. I read almost every new post that comes up and am reading old ones also. I have gained a lot of knowledge from this board and also from you specifically(sp?). You seem to be a very caring person and I am glad to "know" you.

So happy birthday again,

Another One

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Happy Birthday, Meg! I have a 21yo daughter, so this especially means something to me. You have your whole life spread out before you... and I'm so happy to hear you're stable and doing so well. Congratulations!

I'm glad you realize that there still might be some rough times, but I sincerely hope that you'll see them coming, and try to head them off. Keep your pdoc on speed-dial.

21. That's so great.

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Meg, I am so happy for you. You sound wonderful. You deserve this.

My son is about to turn 21. It's a great age. I'm so glad you're in a position to enjoy it and live it well.

Since we were med buddies for so long, I may ask my pdoc about Lamictal!

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