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My friends in a cps custody battle with his ex and his ex's friend called cps and complained about me. She says in the report, "Ryan brings the baby around an autistic schizophrenic who is prone to frequent outbursts." wtf! I hardly ever have out bursts and his ex has never even seen or heard of me having an outburst. Im not really worried about it though. It will probablly be dismissed seeing i have no violent things on my record. There probablly just using anything they can to try to make him look bad, but seriously, wtf!

just do nothing and dont think about it. if the cps ask you for something, stay totally calm and gentle and say them politely that you have NEVER EVER had an outburst.(dont say seldom or enything. say never)

if they fail to prove that you are actually dangerous, then it will be totally alrigh. btw, i dont think you will get any trouble anyways. even if you were dangerous, they cant do shit to you because it's your friends fault if he brings the kid to you and not your's. and if you can actually prove that you are not dangerous using your records and letter from doc and shit like that, it will make the person who called the cops like a complete idiot.

maybe then you could sue them for defamatory statement!


polar bear

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