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I have panic disorder and major anxiety. and well MY husband just left for a 6 1/2 month deployment and I am freaking out, i feel a panic attack coming on. I am so afraid that my daughter is going to die at any moment and he wont be here, or that I will have to learn to drive and crash and there will be no one to take care of my daughter. I am panicking that I wont be able to pass my drivers test. I have so much anxiety about this whole deployment and being alone makes me so so paranoid, and so anxious and always panicking at the thought of going places alone. I have to take the bus tomorrow to my eda meeting and I am already panicking about how I am going to get on the right bus, or if i get on the wrong bus, or if someone rapes me or kidnaps me or murders my child, then there is my schizo paranoia that is telling me to panic bc of all the cia that would be on the bus tailing me. gosh I am so overwhelmed. and the klonopin is not working. I just took 5 mg, and nothing is helping!!

help me find a way to calm down.

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The word seroquel comes to mind , but I haven't been put on it......just heard a lot of good things about it, how it stops the spiralling thoughts.........call pdoc if things are as bad as they seem......see if he can prescribe something for as you need panic attacks?

I'd be on more klonopin in the meantime, but I'm not doc so...........

Sounds like a lil emergency phone call to the doc is in order before you feel even worse....


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