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ECT roller coaster


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Since October '07 I've been on ECT. The first 3 weeks were in the hospital at 3 treatments per week. After I was let out it's been 1 treatment per week until earlier this month. Now we're trying it biweekly. I can't count how many times my brain has neen zapped.

Unfortunately it hasn't worked very well. After a treatment I feel fine for 1-3 days and then begin to spiral back into depression. Go in for another treatment a few days later and feel better a few days then spiral down again. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Going every other week has been especially hard.

I could go back to weekly but frankly ECT terrifies me. I've had to be held down until the drugs kick in a few times. It just seems like such a drastic procedure.

I don't know what to do. Having as many treatments as I've had seems like too much. Without it I'm a wreck.


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I have no experience in this, but, am curious as to what your memory is like?

Can you recall stuff from childhood w/ the same clarity?

how about short-term? how are you doing with names, faces, and phone numbers?

does anyone know how soon memory can be affected?


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