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vyvanse - next try

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Hey Everyone

Been reading for a long time on this board and now with a proper diagnosis I figured i might as well join. I was diagnosed at 35 with ADD and Anxiety (not OCD after 10 years of seeing doctors ;):) ..) but anyway I tried adderall and it is true, my brain stopped the bullshit of constant thoughts, i wasn't rambling on to people anymore and stuff. The only problem was I started getting heart palpitations where i get these things that make my heart jump.

Then it was focalin and although it works a bit I don't feel great, my mood is a bit shitty and yesterday I started getting some of those heart things again but I wonder now if it is also tied to I was drinking coffee again.

Today I got vyvanse free trial for 30mg for 2 weeks and if that goes well up to 50mg.

Anyone have an opinion? The doctor I see is sure that ritalin wasn't going to do it for me so it was either this or dexdrine and she liked this better. My next option could be dexedrine but maybe adderall as I am pushing because I wonder if my starting up the coffee was enough to get these heart things going sinceI have had them before even before a stimulant. However she disagrees but not entirely it is just not likely she says. So anyway this is it for now and then maybe stratterra.

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