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anyone on lamital and zyprexa (or any other AAP)?

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I'm on lamictal 300mg and zyprexa 15 mg. I ended up here like this:

took 5 mg zyprexa for "mood problems" and derealization. it worked then pooped out.

took 7.5 worked for a while then I got depressed (from zyprexa? i dont know)

then i got prozac, which didnt work

then i got 100mg lamical and depression got better. then for some freaky reason i wanted to take more and doc said ok (300mg)

then for a reason i cant remember, (probably agitaion) i went up to 15 mg

so here comes the interesting part:

after quite a while (not instantly) i got pretty much agitated and the derealization came back and got worse, and for some other in retrospect ununderstandable reason i stopped taking zyprexa to see what happens. and nothing really happend (!! 15mg zyprexa cold turkey, and i didnt feel worse WTF!)

after zyprexa i got the random abilify which made almost ANYTHING worse but this part is not really relevant to this thread (i basicly went psychotic).

after that i went back to zyprexa (again the 15 mg, i'm offcially not allowed to take more because they check blood levels) along with lamictal. and although I hadn't take any zyprexa for a month NOTHING happend (no sedation, nothing. almost like taking 3 tictacs a day).

now one day I "forgot" to take half of the lamictal dose, and BAM! i felt kind of better and i definitely had the feeling that i'm really taking an antipsychotic (sedation, stupidity ;) etc), the derealization got much better and so the agitation.

i sort of have the feeling that these two are working against each other. particularly lamictal against zyprexa. at least in my case...

what do you think? any experience with lamictal and zyprexa (or any other AAP for that matter?)


polar bear

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I've been taking lamictal and a high dose of seroquel for well over two years now and I've never had any problems with the combination. Perhaps you need to consider another AAP - is your pdoc open to that?

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I don't know if the combination is my problem but I'm currently on 100mg Lamictal (just recently went up to that) and I got prescribed some seroquel 100mg (I was hypomanic/bordering on manic) and it was like *kaboom* instant severe depression when I took the seroquel. I took the seroquel for a bit (consistently depressed while doing so) and then had some (probably mixed) symptoms pop up for a few days so took 200mg and bang back to severe depression... I started thinking hey there's a pattern there... and cut down the seroquel to 50mg then not at all - ok things aren't great at the moment but I'm at least not consistently suicidal right now. I'm not sure how I'm going to sleep at the moment though without taking it.

But never having taken Seroquel before, I don't know if I can blame the combination or just it by itself...

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I take 350 mg. of lamictal and 150 mg of seroquel and 1.5 mg of klonopin. I take a relatively high dose of lamictal, but have taken it for years, getting a recent increase in the lamictal. It sounds like you maybe got increased too much/too fast? How long did you take for the increase? That could screw you up.

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i TAKE 400MG LAMICTAL AND 180 CYMBALTA and 20mg zyprexa

i seem to be doing well, all things considered

any further questions

maybe my lamictal shaves off a bit of zyprexa's effect of tiredness but I sleep good w it and hope to go down on lamictal given its cognitive side-effects of memory loss, inability to find common words etc

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I re-read your post and realize that my 20 from 10 increase of zyprexa didnt knock me out although I now sleep better and do not wake at 4 as before.

My problem as stated on another post is that lamictal is making me stoopid

very noticeable when i started lamictal and increased it from 100 to 200

it is an interesting question/issue of whether the lamictal rebuts the effect of zyprexa

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