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do people who are depressed feel like they've done something horrible to the people they love and now those people hate them?

i try to figure out what i may have done and i don't know exactly, i just feel like i've done something horrible to make people hate me forever. i feel guilty and apologize all the time.

Not generally, no.

I know the usual descriptions of depression include "feelings of guilt" so I can see a reason for the confusion. On a bad day, I know just how much I've screwed up or let people down or failed to meet even basic expections, or what I should have said or done instead ... and why there really isn't much of a good reason to keep on keeping on ... But it's all true, to an extent, just not all MY fault and maybe a distorted and overly-negative view of the various situations in some of the cases.

What you're describing sounds more like paranoia. At it's root you're still describing a feeling of malevolent intent against you on the part of others without there being a logical reason that you can point to.

That doesn't mean you aren't also depressed, or that some people might not be pissed off and too bitter themselves to explain the reason, just that *I* think there's some of what I see as paranoia mixed in. Does that make any sense?

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