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New to Crazyboards, 1 year into BP

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Hello, and welcome to my first thread. I am 19 years old, diagnosed with bi-polar disorder at age 18.

I was always told that i was "special".

As with any mental "deficiency" they were not too sure what was going on with me. I have lengthy stories to share, most of which are fun, if not funny.

I kind of want to put 60 smilies on here, but i will find my favorite one. Just a sec




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not really any questions... but its probably good to be diagnosed so young, you might have a good chance to get your meds right before you screw your life up.

I wouldn't call BP a "deficiency" its just a "difference" - your brain is just wired differently to these "normal" folks.

I wouldn't feel bad... normal is boring anyway ;)

welcome to the board

(think maybe a mod could move this to the appropriate section perhaps?)

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Good to be diagnosed so young, is right....however

It's also a little scary, because now most of my friends know i am a psycho.

I really enjoy being creative.

and at the moment, i do not feel bad at ALL.

thanks so much for the welcome, shadowcat.

Q for the mods: where would the appropriate section be? *blush*

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Hi lightning, welcome to the board. I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar but I have lived with it since my mid teens. I will 37 next month. i wish I was diagnosed back then. My life may have been easier. But thankfully I have a husband that has stuck with me for many years and I grateful for that.

As far being 'phsyco', well, who wants to be normal anyway, LOL. As long as you don't go all 'Norman Bates' on anyone. But seriously, I doubt you are pshyco. and Shadowcat is right, it's not a deficiancy, just a difference in wiring.

Anyway, welcome to the board.

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