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Tears have their place and time, but I'll agree that that gets old after a while.

So let's address the meds part. Can you tell us what meds you've tried and what the effects were? And what have you tried aside from medications to help you get better in the long term?

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aprilskies - the word "therapy" might not sound like fun - but it can really help, especially when the meds just don't seem to be doing it.

What's up with your meds? Like null0trooper said...

Ears are here!

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thanks for listening.

i'm feeling somewhat better today.

well better for me means numb ..

no tears for now.

i'm actually seeing a therapist twice a week at the moment.

as far as meds go .... i could write a book on that. i have been labeled "treatment resistant" as i have been on pretty much every med out there when it comes to antidepressants, mood stabilizers etc. a million various cocktails.

i'm currently taking 25 mg of seroquel for sleep & benzos as needed, which is quite a lot lately.

i've been forced to see p-docs & take meds for as long as i can remember.

so at this point .. who knows....

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