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My PDoc is trying to get me addicted to Xanax !?

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I started going to a PDoc for the first time in my life in Jan 08 ( Im 35) Everything seemed ok till now.I was diagnosed with GAD,Panic Disorder,Agoraphobia, and PMDD at an earlier date. I was initially put on Wellbutrin 100 mg then increased to 300 mg within a month time and 3 mg of xanax a day. 1 month later i switched to Prozac and xanax because the Wellbutrin wasnt working out for me,well last week (after 2 months on it) I told my doc that the prozac wasnt helping either (I also didnt want xanax because I am scared of the whole addiction thing) He got upset with me and told me that xanax was the best anti-anxiety med for someone with my symptoms ( I've only read on the net about different drugs and some advice from family) at the appointment he suggested Paxil I've read terrible stuff about that med and my sister completed a trial for PMDD in our area and was put on Paxil (free of charge) and told me it was the worst med she has ever been on and advised me of it,So i told him no-thank you. To make a long story short I told my PDoc that I didnt want that specific med, and that I would like to try Zoloft instead along with Klonopin. He looked at me kinda weird and hurriedly sent the RX to the pharmacy electronically and sent me packing, but first told me to make an appoinment in one month because I will be back for the xanax. I dont understand if Benzo's are basically the same thing with different half-life and such what does it matter if I take Xanax or Klonopin? I dont trust this doc because he will be leaving this hospital in July 08 and I think he seems kind of bitter when he discusses his departure.He told me I will get another PDoc that is probably young and sophisticated (being sarcastic). I think he wants me to get hooked on the Xanax and create an addict someone else will have to deal with after he is gone. I never took the 3 mg he prescribed anyway,( I have 2 already filled .5 mg 90 count bottles stashed) half of that 3 mg dose helped me tremendously. What gives??(sorry for the long rant)

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i have no idea of "What gives" but think that you are brilliant. that's because you question the quack's handling of your health.

i went through the worst time of my life because of sleeping pills that were prescribed to me by a veteran's administration p-doc. it took nearly a year on the things for the depression switch to be tripped but then it was a nose dive at escape velocity.

the whole of my past life was taking what MDs said as truth, that they were all competant. ain't happening, ain't the way of the world i have found.

scrape that shit off your heel and hunt up (references from other moon bats way helpful) another one.

you are gonna be alright before you know it. in my case throwing money at it did the trick. desperation made me pay through the snoot for a doc but he took less than 10 mins to suss out the root of my problem (ambien).

benzos have to be as potentially dangerous to us as "z" drugs. there are too many horror storys for me to conclude otherwise.

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new pdoc. new pdoc. new pdoc. !! You are smart to question you pdoc. just because dr.'s are dr.'s doesn't mean they know what they are doing or care what they do. Xanax is extremely addictive, as far as benzos go. I was on it for only 6 wks. and kept having to up the dose because I developed a tolerance so quickly and then would crash w/ major anxiety. I switched to klonopin and have been at the same dose (.5-three times a day) for years and no increase other than occasionally taking an extra pill when i'm manic. 3 mg. of xanax is huge! Especially for someone who doesn't want to be on benzos and hasn't tried an ssri. You should thank yourself for being so smart and dump this pdoc asap. If you need a benzo in the future, I would rec. klonopin because it has a really long half-life and works well. But def. give an ssri a try before a benzo because they are addictive.

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There's a wide plateau here.....as Randall pointed out above, that benzos are a problem unto themselves, though in my experience, not as trippy and freaked out as zolpidem.........use your own judgement and have the facts.

At one point I was still in the theraputic range of 4-6 mg on a particularly bad day....and that was the tolerance level....cant say I had a problem after I moved and the new pdoc rx'ed the .5s instead of the one mg size.....in effect halving my xanax habits.......

With no major repercussion. I hope this guy was'nt being a sadist when he said you'll be back for (eerie music here) .....XANAX.

It has a peak period, unlike the steady underlying sedation of klonopin.......you can feel a xanax wear off much more noticeably..........since it has a peak, or whatever you want to call it? its positively reinforices your wish to feel that rise into sedation as it were. Its not an underlying sedation, as it peaks, theres a sense of whoa.....am I sedate! but then slowly goes downhill. Xanax may get people hooked on the concept that its so addictive you can't even taper off this one and you'll never be xanax free again! Mwhahahaha

After a few years on miltowns, then librium, then valium or the like, then xanax here.

I'm thinking of my doc switching to klonopin. The wave that xanax hits you with may or may not happen when I need it to.

Remeber, the theraputic range is 3-6 mg throughout the day as needed. At three, thats a bit more than dealin with .5=.5 = 1mg for Wednesday.........but not really. Addiction enters in where you need to go above the acceptable range and just need a high. Icreasing doses way past 3mg.....which you aren't.

Xanax may be a nasty withdrawal, but most meds get you sick when you quit.........including the APs and the SSRIs and the lot...........tho alcohol, barbituates, and benzos can kill you if you cold turkey.

Xanax is best for anxiety attacks/panic attacks/ anxiety and it really knocks a panic attack down to size. I've seen it work repeatedly. But heavy use for mild anxiety, hmmnnn... I don't want any unnessary anxiety at all............?

Check out the pros and cons of it........and see if klonopin bonds with you, and you want to get off the xanax................if pdoc is reluctant to remove xanax, get a second opinion.


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