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I take quilonum slow release, my levels are down and have been for a while.

About a month ago i got up to the very bottom of the theraputic range, for me though this amount (sorry cant remember the exact number, but its the lowest end of the range) is not enough to have an impact on my symptoms.

The doc therefore increased my dose by half a tablet again. I take now 2 tablets in the morning and now supposed to take another half a tablet at midday.

Problem is i can not remember to do this. at midday i am in the middle of the busiest part of my work day. i even try setting my alarm and i still forget nearly daily. I work with children also and its very unprofessional of me to be popping pills in front of them.

Why do u need to spilt the dose? Cant i just take the extra half in the morning? or night?? middle of the day sucks

I have never had side effects before on this med.

My question is not how can i remember cause this current situation of taking it at midday wont work full stop to many issues, but more so what is the best alternative time to take it??? Id rather take it all in one hit.

Waiting to hear back from my doc but his away and my appointment isnt for a week. plus another week of forgetting and god knows what state i will be cause i am already slipping fast (my levels have been off nearly 4 months now)

thx ;)

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"The usual dose of Quilonum SR is one 450mg tablet twice a day" - GlaxoSmithKline PI sheet.

However I can find references to also prescribing it q.i.d. ... but I mean if it is meaning that you are missing your dose all the time, I would be inclined to take it twice a day instead, rather than risk instability due to not taking sufficient doses, but this may increase the possibility of toxicity possibly. I remember when I was on Lith I was also taking it twice daily - though with the non SR type its often prescribed 3-4 times daily. Its probably due to the fact that it may have a short duration peak plasma level that you take it twice or three times a day rather than all at once.

I don't really know for sure whether it would be safe to take it twice daily as I don't know what dosage you are on etc, though maybe have a trawl through the PI sheets to get a better idea? Just a thought

edit: just had a squizz at crazymeds:Lithium's Half-Life: An average of 24 hours for the controlled-release versions (Eskalith CR, Lithobid, Duralith etc.), somewhat less for the immediate release, but call it a day anyway. So given that halflife... I'm not sure why you have to take it twice daily, other than maybe minising any side effects - but better to stick to that I think until you see the dr.

There are nice little inventions called pill timers... they might help you remember.

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Or tape it to the back of your cell phone and set the alarm...

Iona, don't know why your psychiatrist has you splitting it, unless the idea was to increase tolerability. FWIW, I've always taken my full dose all at once, up to 2100 mg, without a moment's trouble. The nephrologists actually recommend the all-at-once dosing (shout out if you want the link - I am getting ready for work right now and can't hunt it down.) Perhaps the thing to do would be to leave a message saying, "This is how I'm taking it - call me if that's a problem for you."

Ditto as to taking it morning/evening instead of morning/afternoon. Can't see why not.

Splitting SR tablets, however, that's kinda odd.

However, your psychiatrist has all your history, etc., so the conservative and probably best approach would be to stick with the split dosing until seeing him or her.

The tape/cell-phone/homemade pill timer approach works pretty well.

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Hey thanks for your replies

I have the med in my handbag with my phone, so really if i had a normal job i could just stop and take it.

I work with high needs young students, although i have a timetabled lunch break i NEVER get this time alone to sit, eat or go to the toilet. I am lucky to find a minute to myself to go to the toilet. so i could tape it to myself and still not get a chance to take it. Anyone who works with or has small children with disabilities will get what i mean.

Today i took full dose in morning, no issue so far. will do what silver suggested and leave a message for my doc saying this is what i am doing until i see him. If im at risk im sure he will call

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