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Last week,

I think,

I saw my Doc,

after the usual

stuff about my back,

He had a young fellow,

interview me.

Mental health issues in rural

areas is becoming endemic

or some demic.

A whole priceless hour,

I gave him stuff I never have the time for,

since we are putting out fires ,so to speak,

My Excellent Dr has so little time,

I'm so blasted.

Hell,I won't even repeat most of it here just yet.

The responce,on his side,

my nightmares

and freakshows


Are anxiety(nos),panic (nos)

and you gotta love it

undirected paranoia (nos),

so add risperdal

to the rest.

He feels my keeping

my Armalite at the

foot of my bed,

may be a problem,

He wants me to divest

my hardware,(like that's gonna happen)

Even my cars are under attack,

I can and do walk (un-armed)


Depakote 1000mg

seroquel 600mg

wellbutrin 300mg

levothyroxine 0.05

the evil twins klonopin and ativan, whenever, how much depends.

pain stuff

fentenyl patches 75 mcg

darvocet,hand fulls



Lo-trel for bp,I could'slode

I probably forgot something

does it matter at this point?

So,is anyone taking risperdal for paranoia


Or these hand fulls gonna help?

Should I swap the 30 round mag for a twenty(pulling your chain)

As it has been so short

a time ,I don't feel different.

Input,please, my neighbors may thank you.

until then,

it's a Leonard Cohen study of human nature,


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I have troubles with


at higher doses.

more than usual stupidity,

blanks in time,who knows,

I don't,but

this dosage seems to balance

And it is easy enough to back off,

finish freaking out,

or at my Docs order(suggestion?)

raising another,


I'm in the middle of all this,so,we'll see.

risperdal is new to me.

and at half dose.


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