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I was what you would call an pill popper. I would takek too much of anything to either get high to not feel waht is going on , or to not focuse on it, or to get numb. Or I was in so much extreme pain physically that i would just keep popping more and more of them. I abused painkillers, psych meds, otc meds, and

I would say my biggest downfall was my abuse of what we call skittles you may have called htem orange crush, dxm, ccc, triple c, robo, poor mans pcp or vitamin d. my liver is so shot bc of this. and my diet pills abuse.

and I was just wondering does anyone else suffer from pill popping of skittles? (aka dextromethorphan or dxm)

REcently am finding myself falling into my old habit of skittles dropping.

how did you quit?

bc of all the shit going on in my life

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When I was 15 my ex boyfriend got me to do them with him. He was addicted before I meet him. I got addicted too, I was doing them a few times a day almost everyday for 2 years.

Because of my use I starting throwing up blood after I took them. In October of 06' I was hospitalized because I tried to commit suicide. They kept taking blood from me everyday, so I started to get worried. 4 days into my hospitalization a doctor came to me and told me something was wrong with my liver, they did an ultrasound and everything. I was crying. Then I was asked about every drug I've ever done.

Now my liver is messed up, It made me stupid, and I can't eat some foods because of the triple C's.

What made me stop is; I realized what is happening to my body, I seen mood changes in myself, I seen how stupid my ex got because of it, and I wouldn't stop puking up blood.

It's been a year now since I've stopped but my liver is never going to be normal.

If its a really big problem for you, try to get into rehab.

I was taking 26 pills when I woke up, then another 14 at night. I was also up for days on end.

I'm pretty sure you've read up on how this drug can mess with your body, if you haven't go do so.

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