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This board and CM board hangs, freezes, slow loading etc

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I seem to be having problems with this board and the board associated with crazy meds. The pages load slowly, or not at all, they hang and freeze, etc, just going from one page to another can take a lot of time. . I belong to several boards -none psych related but just other interests. I am having no problems with them at all, the pages load normally, no Freezes or hangs.

Is there something specific to this board, and the crazy meds board? I noticed they are powered by the same people.

I have IE 7, Win SP2 and have checked my cookies, and all that stuff. I am on Verizon fios, 15/2 connection. I am however right now using the second computer in our house as the first one got blown out by a electrical line going down. That means I'm utilizing a router and the connections not always optimal, however, it does not seem effect the rest of my surfing and looking at other boards. seems to be just these two. Really, I am at my wits end here, b/c usually I can figure out this stuff.

I run windows firewall and Trend micro PC cillin for virus/spy ware.

anyone know what's up?

does the board run better with foxfire?

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I'm no computer expert, but have you tried emptying your browser's cache? This board downloads pretty fast for me. I'm using Verizon broadband (we don't have FIOS in our area yet), Firefox, Win XP. I don't know if it'll help, especially since you say other sites aren't slow, but maybe defragging your computer will help. Sometimes it can slow things down if you need to do that.

I used to use Trend Micro PC-cillin, but I much prefer BitDefender, which found viruses and trojans PC-cillin didn't. I used to use Windows Firewall, but since BitDefender now has its own firewall, I use that.

I have found IE to download slower than Firefox or Netscape for me.

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I usually don't have trouble with the loading speed, but something was happening last night, for sure. I couldn't get any of the pages to load---it was weird.

I empty the cache and get rid of cookies and browsing history every day, so most of the time things work fast for me. But last night I finally left because this place wasn't working at all.

I use Safari or Firefox---both seem to be fine here.


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