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Important litle detail about my Blog

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Well, kiddies, I have been hacked by my stepson and wife, and my blogs--ASLL of them, back to the beginning, prinmted out and distributed to anyone interested, especially my husband. Perhaps I am too trusting, but it never occurred to me when I was using their laptop--I logged in and out.

I am a comlete wreck--their comments in reply were incredibly childish. nasty, and they don't seem to find the issue of privacy appliesd to them.

If you have any interest in reading my blogs, please PM me so I can add you to my list (they have signed up as "members"--"BromptonCocktail" or something similar.

Sorry to post this here--just there are so many of you I want to keep in touch with--I am totally shattered by this whole thing.


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I apologize for those of you who came here expecting help, confidentiality and support--obviously, the message above to me is none of those things.

If you are offended by the comments, please contact an administrator. This is not the place for this kind of shit.


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snowfly, don't feel like you can't post. This sort of thing doesn't happen all that often.

I hope I'm not talking down to anyone, but I thought I would add this bit to the thread:

To clear browser history in Firefox:

Hit "Control+Shift+Delete" all at the same time or

Click on "Tools" and select "Clear Private Data" from the drop down menu.

If you want to see what private data is being cleared in Firefox, click on "Tools," select "Options" in the drop down menu, select the "Privacy" button, and then click the "Settings" button. Check or uncheck the boxes as necessary.

To clear browser history in Internet Explorer:

Click on the single star button in the upper left hand corner of the browser. Click on the "History" button. Right click on the day you wish to delete and then select "Delete" from the drop down menu. If you want to delete single entries, left click the day you surfed and then right click and select "Delete" on the drop down menu.

I hope this gets worked out. Take care all.

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Hacked? No. But did you ever think about this- when you visit a site ANYWHERE on the computer it keeps a HISTORY. More than likely you didn't. Then when I used MY laptop to refer back to a site in MY history, all of the places YOU went showed up as well.

Having all of those m@d sk|lz yourself, you should have known ("better" comes to mind ...):

- Not to expect your fave sites to still be frontloaded after lending the laptop out

- Not to expect that following strange links would take you to content you'd enjoy

Whatever happened to bookmarks and separate accounts (it's not that hard even in Vista) :|

For that matter, it makes no sense to me that you wouldn't have cleared the browser before letting C'cat near it, and then again after it was returned.

So, your right- I did look at your PUBLIC blog. Now as far as us printing and passing them out, that never happened, but if you intend to keep accusing us of that, then I will be more than happy to oblige you. Yes, we told Dad about what we read and that was the extent of it.

Did you really think that that would be the sort of thing to make either parent proud of you or happy with each other. As you've mentioned your unemployed husband already, aren't you already aware that couples fight and argue and vent to their bartenders or girlfriends or pals on the blogsite ... once they make peace over whatever it was they do not want to hear it anymore. They definitely don't want to hear it from the kids trying to play one against the other for the umpteenth time.

By the way, the comment about the Wiccan Rede was uncalled-for. Would you wish your beliefs to be used against you in such a way?

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A totally convincing example of why some boards ban SOs if they know families, wives or friends can't bring personal shit into a forum....whenever it seems like this case? they ban the offending party. I'm not into banning like way too many boards are.....but this was abusive. And leaves a member afraid to come back ...... I've made this clear with my wife. If you want a support forum don't go to these.....since I use them. Its an anonymous place to vent. And common sense. Even if , say a couple is in therapy together, some mods or admins catch the happy couple and say: Two people ? Two boards, sorry, but you each need a place to vent or deal with things..........

To actually follow a friend/ family member into this forum and then lambasting and name-calling and bringin what should stay at home back at home?? That kind of person is generally a sociopathic loser who'd rather spy on other people and then shove their nose in it. They clearly don't have much of a life.... Strange that the person coming here originally had no malicious intent.....this breach of decency (not that I gots nuttin against indecency, bear with me) without even the basics of human personal interaction? Purely malicious , especially in light of why these boards exist.......

Thats fucking nuts......

Civilians....fuck em if they cant take a joke.........why are we the ones labeled 'sick', I keep forgetting till I run into one of those sane fuckers...........bleh ;)

PS Anorther reason to learn and use Unix or Linux systems........security. Not only does MS have browser history but apparently, and I would have to doublecheck, it keeps an even longer running list buried in some C: drive file.......hence seizing a computer you thought you deleted it all from still may make sense to police or state or local law officials. Thats just one instance... the other is how difficult it is to infect a unix machine...........you would have to open the suspicious email or whatever, and you would have to do so and execute it as the Administrator.........not the cheesy distinction on MS........but one who can allow who and where anyone can go, or follow.......I know, thats another thread entirely.....but if you re on computer alot? Its a jungle out there.........mostly targeting MS windows users.


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I clear my browsing history and empty my cache every night. Call me paranoid, but here's a good reason to do it.

Chin up, chinacat. You have friends here.


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china, we haven't spoken for a long time, but I'll never forget the love and support you gave me after I broke my leg and I was heading for a complete breakdown. You have my unconditional support, and please don't apologise for the childish and dickhead behaviour of people who have invaded your precious personal space. I think taking your blog private is an excellent idea, and do follow olga's suggestion of clearing your browsing history and cache if you are working on a shared computer.

peace to you


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It may be wise to actually use the forum under a new nick.....if they did this once? they'll try again.....

Then PM people you wanna chat/PM/ etc with that the new nick is still same old you?

worth a try for peace on mind while onboard..........?

cheers ;)

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It may be wise to actually use the forum under a new nick.....if they did this once? they'll try again.....

Then PM people you wanna chat/PM/ etc with that the new nick is still same old you?

worth a try for peace on mind while onboard..........?

cheers ;)

Yeah but then it's like validating the behavior and adjusting around someone being an asshole. When in reality assholes should just stop being assholes. No?

If not, they don't get to use the forum.

Bad assholes! Nyeh!

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China, so sorry this happened to you. The childish behavior of others can be so upsetting. She obviously does not care or she wouldn't have come in here trying to find out what else you are saying. But you are among friends and we love you girl!

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Woah, I have never seen something like this happen. I've always been scared that it would, but have never seen it done.

Brompton Cocktail, what you have done is unconscionable. I understand that her blog is a public blog. But if you had any sort of human decency and realized that it was Chinacat's personal blog, you would not have read it, you especially would not have shared what you read with other people. You insinuated that Chinacat invades your privacy. So fucking what? You should have talked to her about it instead of pulling an evil stunt like this. Yes, her blog was public. But you didn't have to be so malicious, ill-willed, vicious and cruel. You sound like a very, very bitter person. Maybe you should get some therapy, if you're not in therapy already. No one forced you to read her blog. You had the grownup choice of not reading it, and definitely not sharing it. Instead you went the immature, bullying, tattletale route. What you have done doesn't just affect Chinacat, it is threatening to every one here who needs this place as a safe place. You need to think about how your actions will affect others. Obviously all you were thinking about was revenge of some sort.

Sorry to everyone else for this being so long, but I'm infuriated. I'm so, so, so sorry you have to deal with this Chinacat.

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You have a point that 'they shouldn't be assholes' .....but I tend to look at things not from the theory but from what gets results. I don't think that kind of assholeness goes away, I think its chronic...

In the meantime, if you wanna keep up with friends, blog and so on.......look at this as a red alert which most bloggers never see coming. I did have one which showed my name, but here and on another political blog I started, I prefer anonymity...........too many weasels out there. Either way involves a choice.....forge ahead and see if they back off, or start fresh. Contrary to popular belief, the Net is not a benign friendly thing all the time.....it causes as many problems as solutions........

And/or, there are boards which would have had that thread ripped down within MINUTES.....and I come here? Why? cause I suspect reading anything here is not gonna send me off into an episode...except for maybe a personal attack flame war? Which is prohibited here as well when someone attack an individual. So far as I know.

So, total control and censorship? or the usually wonderful , helpful anarchy of crazy boards? Another choice.....sigh

And I tend to agree with the preceeding statements about Brompton. Wishing Brompton Cocktail would take a dose of his own cocktail......... ;)

Best wishes


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chinacat, i am so sorry. this is unbelievably intrusive and counterproductive to your getting well. there are no uncertain circumstances where it is okay to read the blog of a family member, or a co-worker, or even a best friend - without asking them first. that's a huge emotional violation.

i know where all my kid's blogs are, and if she ever scares the crap out of me that she's going to die or something, i'll read them... but if not, i would never EVER disrespect her like that. if she chooses to talk to me it's her right and my privilege. and what we say in the moment isn't always what we feel next week. anyone who's ever read blogs before should know that.

i vote for banning the offender. and i've never supported that (except for spammers). i don't want anyone to be afraid to be themselves here. this is the only place most of us have to go. please let us have our sanctuary from all the people in our lives who don't understand.

like someone said up there, chin up - you DO have friends here. and i'm sorry you have to deal with this bullshit on top of everything else.

- rita

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and venture a guess that BromptonCocktail's name is Darcy??


What's the point in banning someone? They're obviously not wanted, so they'll probably leave on their own. If you actively try to remove them, they'll actively try to stay. People love to think they're smart, and if you challenege someone, it turns into a game. I know if I were ever banned from a board, I'd come back to wreck havoc under another IP/Alias. Then again, I'm a jerk with anger management problems (see signature below...)


Your public blog is, well, public. I'm sorry to hear what happened to you, but you must understand that it's a risk you take. Now that the cat's out of the bag, you may want to change your name so that you can vent anonymously again.


I'm really trying not to play sides here. Just because china is a member here does not mean I have any allegiance to her. For all I know, she may be to jerk to you. I do know one thing though; you obviously have unresolved anger issues.

A weak person is one who needs to bring other people down to feel superior.

A strong person improves himself until he is superior...

By showing up here to rail on your father's wife, you're being a vindictive creep who feeds off the misery of others because you can't deal with your own issues.

Learn to be comfortable with yourself and actually try to solve your problems rather than bitching about them, as actually solving problems is MUCH more productive.

And don't try to call me a self-righteous asshole either. I wouldn't be suprised if I did that same sort of thing to someone. At least I admit to having a problem, and I try to fix it. There's another reason you probably shouldn't have been banned; you need this board as much as anyone else.

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Hi China,

let me address reborn.

It can either take a lot or a very little to get banned from CB.

a lot would be sending porno PMs to people who dont want it.

a little would be someone who is actively stalking a member IRL.

in my experience, the people who do this crap dont go away on their own. they cause so much turmoil that they are banned.

there is a difference between a flame war and someone typing "im coming to your house at 6 pm to kill you."

if a banned member comes back under a different alias - its not difficult to figure out because the banned member's "havoc" is recognized quickly - and the admins will take action.

a weak person is just that - and there are a lot of us here on CB.

for the strong people - good for them. but they are not superior to the weak.

thats it,


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Stand Back or get singed!

I may not strike as hard

as I did,

but my aim is better.

Blessings that you are 3000 miles away.

Although if provoked,

Oh,banned ones,

a shit storm is yours.

What let this go by????


My sweet sister,

shake them off like a

hairball stuck on a bare toe,

You should have better.

Better what?

lobotomize some family,

A run it till you wreck it

Nascar thingie.

hmmm,I'll give you a mile headstart,

MGTD vs XK120,aargh drive right handed,

you pick course

learned right foot shift on my first bike,


the Paris-Dakar race,

bring water.

Some other time,

teach me about your

beliefs,I could use some,

In closing,

My China,

call me,yes fucking do it.


mad at lots of things now.

Cry Havoc and let loose the Boards of Crazy

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