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SO I'm back.

I'm not big on forums. I'm trying to switch doctors because once again I feel like they're spinning a lottery wheel on dx's and treatment with me. I feel my doc is just not the right one atm. She's a good doc. Just maybe not for me. She's overbooked and finds me difficult.

Topamax seemed to sorta work on some anxiety/depression issues I was having a few months ago, but it seemed to trigger a never ending bought with bladder infections and I just decided to scale back my employment, go off it and clean up my health.

I've been on it 5 days so far. The first night I did not sleep and heard music that was not playing. Then I had waking dreams on day 2 where I was both awake, and asleep, and having nightmares about being run over by a car, and watching people be drowned, and sex (and not the kind I enjoy). I normally am not like this.

Day 5 was fucking weird. The night before I tried .25 Risperdal as advised for anxiety. It worked like a charm and I slept like a baby.

The next day, I had anxiety, social phobia increase 10x, and intrusive thoughts, like reciting some bizarre line from an Audre Lordes poem, while thinking about sex, and aging. Ugghhh. you know you're in trouble when you do shit like that. I was in a fucking grocery store doing that.

Buying hamburger buns shouldn't be like that.

I also became majorly claustorphobic on the subway; three subway stops was too much for me.

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Im not sure how much help i can be not knowing your complete situation but.. ever since i was 14 i have suffered from SEVERE anxiety and panic attacks i had a very hard time coping with it and it made me some what depressed. i talked to my doctor about it and prescribed me "Effexor" i have been on it for 5 years and i feel i am doing great..the only thing is effexor is an anti depreesant normally but it helped me get rid of my anxiety and panic attack problems and i havent had one in just less then 5 years. I highly suggest effexor to any one allthough missing a pill can have a few effects nothing severe though but i would seriously suggest looking into it.

hope i was of some help!

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Ok I'm new here so bear with me ok I just started taking topomax not too alfully long ago but getting bladder infections, so topomax causes this promblem uh.

I was given this med. for controling migrines not working though. ;)

plus maxalt

plus fluxatine a gen. prozac for depression

my dr suggessed that perhaps maybe I was bi polar

boy That really upset me bad..

I cried and cried I don't what to be crazy..

that happened about a month ago..

Last week we did a MRI trying to firgure the migraines

Still don't know the result from that proably nothing


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