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REM sleep behavior disorder...

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okay, this story is gonna make y'all laugh (hell, I found it funny a few hours after it happened).

I had a dream a few nights ago that I was sitting on a city transit train and almost didn't make it to the exit after the train stopped at my stop. So I got up and ran towards the doors.

The problem? I was actually getting up and running "towards the doors". In real life, there are no open doors adjacent to my bed. In my case, there's a nice wall conveniently about 2 feet from that side of my bed. I awoke fully just before going *THUNK* into the wall, leaving a bit of a gash in the drywall in the shape of my forehead. (I'm lucky I hit the wall between the studs and did not get any noticeable injury.)

Earlier the same night, I had a 4AM middle awakening (I have never, ever, ever gotten one solid night's sleep, ever, in my entire life, so the middle awakening in and of itself is no concern). What was rather bizarre is that I found that part of my body, specifically my left arm, was paralyzed! I had forgotten to turn off my computer and had realized it around this awakening, so I went to get up. I stood up on the carpet, as usual with getting out of bed... except with my left arm being more limp than a pre-Viagra Bob Dole. It felt as if there were a long chunk of lumber stuck to my left shoulder.

I could obviously move all of my other muscles as well as vocalize perfectly normally. I shook my left arm, thinking it was "asleep" (the other kind of limb being sleep, of course). Nothing. I tried lifting and lowering the arm. Nothing. Felt like pivoting that piece of heavy lumber.

I know it was unlikely to have been a dream, namely as I woke up the next morning (8AM as usual) and saw that the computer was off, and remembered getting up with that bum arm and turning off the computer.

So anybody else, partial sleep paralysis?

(Or amusing REM sleep behavior, too, hehe.)

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Ok, that's funny but not funny at the same time. Most of us with Narcolepsy have REM behavior disorder. I have so many funny stories to tell about stuff I've done like that. Unfortunately, several involve slugging my better half during an "attack" in a dream. He takes it all in stride thankfully.

The arm thing sounds like cataplexy. Other than that, I can't offer anything. If you have REMBD, you most likely have some cataplexy as the chemical that is supposed to make you paralyzed during REM sleep is broken. Therefore, it creeps out when you are awake sometimes.

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