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so lonelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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... and feel part of the human race.
This is what strikes me. I get that feeling all the time, of not being part of it. I need to actually be with people in order to not feel like I'm the last human on earth. It's kinda like out of sight, out of mind.

Maybe you could join some kind of afternoon class, if you could find the money. You could learn a new language or something. Maybe in a class like that, you wouldn't have to question you right to be there , and you'd actually be part of something as well. Conversation comes naturally, as you usually have to practise in small groups, without it being too emotionally demanding. Plus you get to excersice your brain bits and get some distraction from thoughts.

When I get really lonely, there's nothing I can do about it. I couldn't take my own advise, that's for sure. I can't contact people at all or seek any kind of relief. All I can do is wait untill I fall asleep. Or press the reload button on "new posts" on CB.

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Loneliness is a bitch, no doubt about it. I think the suggestion of taking a class is a good one. I sometimes suggest that people do volunteer work of some kind to get them out with people. You could help at a soup kitchen or a Salvation Army lunch place and no one will care about your scars. There are lonely people in nursing homes who would love to have a young person come visit them and listen while they chat about the old days.

If you're in a city or suburb, go hang out in a bookstore. Buy a cup of coffee and look at books and do some people-watching. Someone might strike up a conversation. If you live near a college, can you buy a coffee at the student union and hang out? Go to a music event and be with people?

And of course, hang out here! This is the place for all the lonely, crazy people! heh

Good luck!


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I often feel this way, and tend partake in people watching as well (sometimes not so discreetly ;) ).

Going to places that interest you, like for me the Petsmart, Micheals, Walmart-anywhere-can take the edge off of loneliness sometimes. If you have family willing to go with you to places, it can also help in feeling more a part of the human mass. You may not have friends, but they have friends, and they might let you tag along with them on occasion. Being the fifth wheel every once in a while isn't all bad.

I'd also like to echo the earlier idea of classes of some kind. When I was in school, I felt I was a part of something bigger, and that I had a purpose, albeit simply educational.

And of course, there's always Crazyboards-There are other lonely people and, well, you aren't alone.

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"Allll by myselll-elllf, don't wanna live - Allll by myself, any mooooooorrrreee..."

This was my theme song for a good while.

I had a bunch of free time where I would sit in my apartment by myself and watch DVDs, so I got a second job working on the weekends at a specialty grocery store. I figured since I have all this free time and all this debt I might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone. The people there are really cool and it definitely helps w/ the lonliness. Just interacting with people is really nice. And I think I am actually making friends. What a concept! Friends!

When I was all by myself a lot of the time people recommended classes or meetup.com (which is a site to find groups to do stuff with) but in general I was too down and lazy to do anything but curl up in a ball on the couch. Plus had no money for the classes. I guess I'm feeling better since I'm able to go out and do stuff. I would recommend getting yourself to a place where you feel good enough to change things. Make sure you aren't isolating yourself subconsciously because of fear of rejection or thinking no one would like a nut like you or that you don't deserve friends.

I think there are a lot of people here have a problem getting and keeping friends. Too many people get scared off by the MI or the erratic behavior. I find myself gravitating towards the other crazy people. People who are in a similar boat and who I can relate too. Granted sometimes it blows up in my face because you put 2 crazy people together and you're bound to have mood clashes. I try to stick with people around my level of crazy. Those who aren't helping themselves and and are just in a super-destructive mode can be harmful to your own sanity.

And yes, hang out here. It is a community of people with their own problems, but still manage to care about other people's problems. Even virtual friends are friends none the less. I get to be completely honest about what is going on and dealing with my issues with people who understand and have suggestions from their own life. It's also fairly safe because you are talking to people you probably will never actually meet, and that can be comforting when you are confiding in someone.

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Loneliness is a state of mind... For me it seems to come along with depression.

Walking through familiar streets, tired, but can't find a place to sit down. End up sitting in churches... Ringing people that you've only met once while drunk. Calling friends who live far from the city asking them to come out for drink... It's excruciating. It's almost agitation.

And there must be so many lonely people in any city in any given time. Are they all roaming the streets like us? Is there a way we can hook up when we're feeling lonely?

Going into a bookshop/library seems to help though.

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