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Switching to Zoloft

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Some users on another forum are suggesting not continuing Lexapro, and I have to agree with them, because Lexapro even @ 20mg isn't completely helping my anxiety. I still get breakthrough symptoms. What I'd like to do is switch back to Zoloft @ 100mg. However, Zoloft does increase my irritability and agitation. Zoloft did help my anxiety without getting breakthrough anxiety. What should I do? How do I tell the doctor I'd like to get off of Lexapro and back on Zoloft?

I think I know what one of my responses will be:

One activating med to another.

I'm willing to take that chance since Zoloft helps my anxiety better.

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I think a better way to approach it is to describe your symptoms and concerns, and ask the doctor what he or she would suggest. If you have good reasons for going back to Zoloft, I don't see why he wouldn't do it.

However, there are dozens of other ADs out there. Why not do more research and see if you have another suggestion? There are so many alternatives in the AD universe.

Good luck with whatever you do.


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I had a really bad run with Zoloft. It was like a really bad LSD-Laced Marijuana feeling. One minute, I'd be wringing my hands, washing them every time I turned around, the next I'd be feeling like I was being stalked, to having nasty hallucinations, to stripping down and rolling around on the carpet because "It felt so gooood!" I either had NO sex drive, to the point that Masturbation took over an hour, whereas if I get the right spot will only take 5 minutes or less, or I couldn't keep my hands off myself.

The tremors were another thing. I had periods where I couldn't stop shaking. I also had crazy memory lapses. I had the memory of a goldfish some times; I'd forget that I took my meds 3 minutes prior, and I'd take them again. I went through a 90 day supply in a week because I'd keep forgetting. My mother ended up having to take my meds to work with her so that I wouldn't down a bottle in a day. The worst was when I'd forget for a day...I'd be so paranoid that I'd lock myself in my room and wouldn't come out for fear that I'd die.

Celexa was what finally worked for me.


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