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about that music that you hear?

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just wanted to share how i came to grips with it.

forever, i could not fall asleep because the "music" would become so loud in my head.

i figured out that it is an actual sound.

i would lay there and then try to isolate one source of music and figure out the direction from which it came.

(kinda like being able to focus your ears)

my satellite dish was making a slight humming. the air filter made noise. the crickets outside. the ceiling fan. various electronics. even white noise machines become music.

every time there was music, i could focus on the source. i eventually could identify them quickly and then the "music" would go away.

well, i made all the sounds go away. except the crickets.

i made it so quiet in my room.

over time, you become less bothered by anything that pops up. you can even add back your ceiling fan and it will no longer bother you even with the original sound still present.

anyway, if you can't get rid of each noise at least learn to identify what it is coming from. because it is something.

that's all.


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all the noises irritate me. i am so aware of them though, i know where they are coming from but often cant stop them. noise from tv, computer. everything!

when the power goes out it feels so peaceful.

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I have started hearing very clear phrases or sentences, usually when I am in bed bit not asleep. I have even asked my huusband if he heard them--of course he didn't. Worries me that this is something new and means I am getting more batshit--

Hate getting a song in my hear--or even just a phrase--


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that has been happening to me as well. a distinct voice will say something. spooks me out. oh, and sometimes in the am i will hear my parents moving around and talking when they are really asleep.

i definitely think that it is a sleep thing. read it somewhere before. worth looking up more about it. makes feel like i am progressing in a bad way.

the songs are anytime.

but the music is mostly when i am trying to settle down.

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i am so the opposite of this.

i have so much noise in my brain when i am trying to sleep and it is just as distracting as if people were sitting on my bed having conversations around me. frustration over this (and not being able to sleep) has lead to extremely destructive behaviours in the past.

now i play televisions shows (on my computer) or movies that i have heard a thousand times and know by heart. whenever a voice or sound gets too much i refocus on what is being said in the show and try to finish the dialogue word for word (in my head of course) until i can't hear that one anymore. music i can drown out for some reason - singing along with the words never helps.

if that doesn't help (sometimes there is no amount of anything that is louder than what is already between my ears) - i take a few clonazepam and wait. in a very agitated state of mind. thankfully after i begin to react better to the chatter i can refocus, again, on the external dialogue of the tv until i fall asleep.

my partner has grown accustomed to falling asleep to cartoons.

my life is strange i think.

- rita

(who has to have some sort of white noise constantly)

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I'm with lysergia on this. One of the reasons I'm on such a high dose of seroquel is that I just can't get the noise in my head to shut up when it's time to go to bed, but it doesn't always work and I find myself climbing the walls. It's definitely internal rather than a combination of external sounds. I have to have the radio on all night, and when I'm travelling I keep the movie channel in the hotel room going constantly. (I'd probably do that here too if I owned a tv)

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I'm with the two about the noise being internal, although i do hear just about EVERY little sound that's going on around me. I think my sound filter in my head is broken and has been for some time, that little humming noise the overhead lights in schools make..used to drive me insane.

Anywhoo, even in the winter i like to have a fan on just because i need the white noise. Having the tv on used to help me fall asleep, now it kind of annoys me. And i usually keep a window open just so i can hear everything outside-we live near a pretty busy road so i feel better when i can hear the cars going by.

ETA: Invega helped tremendously for the noise in my head, i never realized how much chatter i had until i was on it. Unfortunately it caused too many side effects so i had to stop taking it. ;)

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