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Who the hell am I? A pretty good question. I have a brief answer, because I tend to be kind of uncomfortable about really going into a lot of personal details about myself on the Internet in general. But maybe I will be able to open up a little bit more if things go OK here & I make some friends. We'll see, I guess.

I am a person who has had chronic problems with extremely severe OCD pretty much all my life. I have a lot of problems with meds, but I know I need to be on them to function. I get heart problems from Anafranil, & Parkinson-type problems from SSRIs. They are trying to find a prescription I can tolerate, which currently looks like it will involve going back onto Luvox again, this time with an L-dopa-type drug to try to handle the reactions it gives me. I am pretty scared & tired from all this.

Besides the mental stuff, I am single, no kids. That is not by choice. I lost my job last November. I love being outside, in the woods, on my bike or fishing. I like to study science, fix broken electronics, and just spend quiet time at home. I listen to indie music & enjoy theater and amateur acting.

I hope I can meet some OK people here. I usually don't like message boards much, because it usually turns out the same way: I go in there desperately begging for understanding; and then I get a few syrupy-sweet love-bombs for replies, but nobody ever follows up on it; or, I get an obnoxious reply from the inevitable resident asshole, and then I get defensive and respond in kind; then the moderator goes ballistic and disciplines me while doing nothing to the original perpetrator; and then I get even more pissed, tell the moderator where to put it, and promptly get banned. Hopefully, it will not come to that here. I have lurked here & seen that it def. seems a little less high-strung around here, so, I hope that it ends up being a place where I could make a friend who understands what I deal with.

OK, so, that's pretty much me, and I would be glad to hear from anyone who is interested in talking sometime.

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Sounds like you're unlucky enough to be one of the difficult-to-treat people. I'm sorry. And welcome! (It seems that most of the people who join communities like this one are the ones with the less treatable problems--or at least people who haven't found satisfactory treatment to date...)

I do agree with Tom that it's probably not easy to get kicked off this board, though I haven't tried. ;)

From what I've noticed, you get the best feedback when you ask a (quasi-)specific question about side effects, drug interactions, etc. For instance... "Is anyone else taking [drug #1], [drug #2], and [drug #3] for [a given psych or neuro problem]. If so, how do you manage to deal with [nasty side effect(s)]?" Or... "How do you deal with having [a given psych or neuro problem #1] and [a given psych or neuro problem #2] at the same time...

Or at least, those are the kinds of questions I would start with... because I'm somewhat insecure and afraid of getting yelled at. :) But you'll see that people post all sorts of questions/concerns here--from the philosophical to the whimsical. There are also the blogs (though I guess if you have trouble "talking" about your problems on the Internet, perhaps a whole blog isn't for you).

Anyway, once again, welcome. I don't think you'll regret joining...

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