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Seroquel and lamictal -an update

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So here is the situation...

I have been taking lamictal (titrated up to 150 mg and stayed there- 75 mg in the morning and 75 mg at night) and seroquel (titrated up to 300 mg and stayed there- 100 mg in the am and 200 mg in the pm) and adjunt klonpin 1/2 mg in the morning and 1/2 mg at night.  I have been  taking these three since last march... so about 5 months.

I have had rage problems off and on - especailly when I first started this cocktail, but now that is flaring up again.  This is also mixed with wicked depression (underlying pretty much all the time, except when I get hypomanic) and rapid cycling whenever I get especially stressed. 

Anyone have any suggestions...?  I thought about  upping the lamictal... but that has a tendency to cause rage right?... I cannot take any more seroquel b/c it dumbs me down too much and gives me a pill hangover...

What about adding a small dose of lithium...?  I hate the med go round....

Thanks for any suggestions/advice.

Oh yeah...

Bp II ish

with rapid and ultradian cycling




tired and wired hypomanic


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