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I initially felt a little manicky on it. Then I had crying episodes. I also struggled with intrusive thoughts and anxiety on it. I had a couple episodes of restless leg whatever/akathasia?. But it really helped pull me out of a depressive episode. After a few months, I got off of it. It is tough to come off of. And my intrusive thoughts and anxiety got better.

I was happy to get on it and feel less depressed. Then I was happy to get off of it and have less weird thinking and anxiety. (Although coming off of it was no fun.)

Good luck with it.

Oreo ;)

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I was first given Abilify, I took it and it was like a bad acid trip.

The next day, I was give Geodon and for the first time in nine months, I felt like myself again.

Polar opposite from the last post, huh?

We're all different and meds react in our bodies in different ways.

No harm can come from just trying something. I knew within 20 minutes that it was working for me.

I also have an incredibly sensitive system and I react differently to meds than other people. I'm one of

the poor saps that always get the extreme side effects from almost every med (aside from Lamictal).

So my advice? Try it for a day or two. If it doesn't work, call your pdoc and ask for something else.

We have to take some risks sometimes to find something good...

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