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Clonidine for ADD

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I was just prescribed Clonidine .1mg for ADD and had a couple of questions I was hoping that some of you might be able to help me with. First has anyone else taken this for ADD and had success? Also what are the side effects that you have experienced? I am sleeping more than usual and was wondering if that was one of the side effects that others have experienced. Anyways thanks for any input that you may put in.

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Moved. ADD isn't quite the same thing as Bipolar Disorder.

but I'm bipolar and have ADD

You're more likely to get a decent answer about any of the ADD medications on the ADD forum, as a higher percentage of the "regulars" (assuming they're checking the forum and not "View New Posts) will have a vested interest in finding an appropriate medication than the bipolar population. It also helps the non-bipolar ADD folks who'll later come looking for the discussion.

Wikipedia mentions it as being used in conjunction with stimulants, to counter some of the noradrenergic side effects (insomnia, elevated blood pressure) On the face of it, it seems that combined with a stimulant dopaminergic effects would dominate. Without a stimulant, you'd get no increase in dopamine transmission and reduced noradrenaline release - that should not help ADHD at all.

If that's not confusing, it's also mentioned as having a rebound effect on discontinuation. *scratches head* Maybe you take it in the evening to knock yourself out, and the rebounding NA levels in the morning kickstart you back into commission? (As opposed to the more usual "I'm not tired yet!"/"It's too f-ing early to be woken up!" pattern of life.)

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